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Posted by on Dec 7, 2007 in At TMV | 16 comments

Mukasey: What is He Waiting For?

You just wonder, is Old Scratch whispering to Mukasey: “Policy isn’t fitting the facts, it seems. Critical evidence has been lost? You’re thinking over what to do for the 44th time? Great tactics! Carry on.”

But, a gaggle of muddy angels interested in the old fashioned definition of justice are asking: Hasn’t Mukasey known for many days now that ‘tapes have been lost/ destroyed’?

Why hasn’t Mukasey shot out an immediate preservation order to all concerned so that all current records are protected from further ‘loss, misplacement, and addending’?

That grinding noise we’re hearing? Could it be shredders?
That scratching noise? Redacting/ revisioning of history?
That snoring sound? A Congress controlled by Democrats?

And Mukasey says? Mukasey says nothing of import in this critical matter.

See here, for ‘the thunder letter’ written by Sen Patrick Leahy when the previous AG Gonzales declined to issue a preservation order about a similar critical matter. Upon Gonzales declining to take charge, Congress issued their own supoena right over the top of him. Gonzales thought he was being loyal to the president.

As did Icarus think he was being loyal to his father Daedelus’ devilish instructions that left out the most critical part about flying for the first time, that is, that flying too high can cause hypoxia and thereby fatally imperil judgment.

AG Mukasey, if involved in the same kind of long ‘loyalty-do-nothing’ spasm AG Gonzales affected, will be Icarus II.

Here are three articles I wrote at TMV about Icarus psychology, and those in politics who begin with such promise, and yet fall from the sky in a nonstop dive they cannot pull out of.

And meanwhile, regarding the current AG Mukasey and his long overdue order, and regarding the Democrats in Congress who seem to be acting as though they are at tea party… while the Red Death traipses about, supposedly outside the walls…

Well, let’s just say Old Scratch is likely saying, “Perfect.”

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