Both Akin of Missouri and Mourdock of Indiana have lost tonight, sealing Democratic control of the Senate.

Although I remain an nominal Republican these are results I cheer. They are both narrow minded idiots who deserved to lose.

Mourdock in particular is a pleasing loss for me because he defeated one of the best members of the US Senate with a lying and dishonest campaign.

PATRICK EDABURN, Assistant Editor
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Claire McCaskill is a sweet ol’ gal. You should get to know her better too, but don’t step on her broom if you know what’s good for you. We likes our Claire.

Moose McNuggets

I have to agree with you on Senator Lugar. He was one of the last of the truly good ones, and he would have handily earned reelection if he hadn’t been bonked in the primary. The Tea Party and the extreme right religious conservatives have now cost the Republicans sure-thing senate seats from Indiana, Missouri, Delaware, and Nevada in the past two election cycles. By and large, these aren’t exactly what you would describe as liberal states. I’d like to think that cooler heads in the Republican Party would see the trend, but somehow I suspect their voices will just get drowned out. A shame. The Republican Party used to be home to many statesmen and stateswomen. But they’re the ones being driven out instead of the crazies. At this rate, the party won’t have much of a future.

Meanwhile, good riddance to Akin and Mourdock.


Akin’s concession speech came across as a combination of Fundamentalist Revival meeting and Tea Party rally. Couldn’t listen to the whole thing.

Gwen Pincomb

Cheers to the state of Missouri. There are more people there who understand basic biology than Akin.


My faith has somewhat been restored. People WERE listening afterall.


Also the Wisconsin Representative Roger Rivard that said; ” Some women rape easy.” was defeated….