TMV needs your help NOW

The Moderate Voice is now doing an EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER. The goal is to raise $2800. We’ll be running this same post periodically, until we reach our goal.

GOAL: $2800
DONATED SINCE FUNDRAISER BEGAN 5/16/2017: $860 (up by $300)

Many at TMV know the reason, which we have advised not to go into here (those who really want to know can email me). But TMV recently had to pay on short notice $2800 and there was not enough in the TMV account so it was borrowed from another source.

Meanwhile, due to fierce DoS attacks and more hacking attempts, our planned redesign is taking longer than expected and at one point one extra person. This new redesign will be enhanced security, to be bettered adapted for cellphone and tablet viewing, and also to update TMV so it can get more ads. The current reconfiguration has forced TMV to turn some advertisers down.


1. Donate via the donate button (you can use a credit card). This goes into paypal and is then placed into the TMV BoA account (other banking by yours truly is with Chase). You can find the DONATE button on the right side of the site.

2. If you do Paypal like a several readers did, set up a recurring payment of $10 or $15 (although the goal of this fundraiser is to raise $2800 asap).

3. If you know of anyone who likes TMV or of a group or person who likes its concept enough to donate a generous donation please pass the word along (a donation will not influence the kinds of posts).

Updates will be posted (this post redated) on most days of the week until the goal is met.

Several people on TMV are awe of the emergency issue and the amount of time it is taking to straighten out all of the site’s issues and redesign it. Some of the donations from this drive will be used to pay for the unexpected extensive work in getting the new design in place.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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