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Posted by on Sep 14, 2009 in Politics, War | 5 comments

Like We Needed bin Laden to Explain This

binLaden.jpgI don’t know how much time would have to go by before this became obvious, but following the anniversary of 9/11 it’s not only a good time to remember the fallen and our losses of that day, but to continue to try to understand why it was that we were attacked. It’s hard to defeat your enemy unless you know them and have a grip on what motivates them. While it draws not only argument, but outrage, from many of my Republican friends, I’ve been saying for years now that one of the chief reasons was pretty obvious. Now, in his latest greatest hits tape from a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden may have brought the point home once more.

US support for Israel led to 9/11: Bin Laden message

WASHINGTON — Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden told Americans in a new message that their support for Israel had prompted him to launch the September 11, 2001 attacks, a US-based terror monitoring group said.

Al-Qaeda’s As-Sahab media released a video titled “Message to the American People,” which features a still image of bin Laden and an audio statement, said IntelCenter.

The release came two days after the United States marked the eighth anniversary of the Al-Qaeda-sponsored attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people.

I quantify that with “may have” because who really knows if this is actually bin Laden or if the guy is even alive. He apparently doesn’t “do” video anymore. But the message is still relevant. OBL himself might not have had that particular gripe on the top of his list, since he was long an opponent of any American presence in Saudi Arabia, along with God only knows how many other complaints he had. But when it comes to getting responses to your terrorist Help Wanted ad in the Muslim world, there’s little better than reminding people of America’s continual presence as Israel’s big brother on the playground.

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  • Silhouette

    “Now, in his latest greatest hits tape from a cave somewhere in Afghanistan,”

    Oh c’mon now… on-call celebrities like O. Bin Laden? He’s probably broadcasting from a NY Penthouse provided for him by those folks who seem to profit the most from his timely distractions. A shave, a haircut and a nose job…you’d never notice him in The Big Apple.

    But you know me, I’m just a conspiracty theorist right? lol..

  • Jeff Dunetz

    .Jazz, for the first few years he blamed American presence in Saudi Arabia, it didn’t become Israel after recruitment started to drop and he needed a way to become relevant again

  • CStanley

    It’s not a matter of whether or not bin Laden and his cohorts use this as a talking point against the US- it’s whether their concern for the Palestinians is genuine or opportunistic. Given that the same militants who use this as their rallying cry have never pushed for an Arab solution to the crisis (which would include repatriation of exiled Palestinians who have ethnic ties to Egypt or Jordan, as well as pressure on wealthy Arab/Muslim nations to help establish a viable political entity to lead a peaceful 2nd state of Palestine.)

    Since there’s never been any support for either of those concepts from Islamists, I’d say the evidence points to ‘opportunism’.

    The reason that should matter to us when we receive these messages is it tells us that it wouldn’t matter a bit if we altered our support of Israel.

    • StockBoySF

      CStanley: “It’s whether their concern for the Palestinians is genuine or opportunistic.”

      Yes! Excellent point.

      Bin Laden needs a continuing supply of fresh recruits to replenish his burned-out suicide bombers that he’ll use whatever situation necessary to obtain support.

  • Silhouette

    The lines really do get blurry don’t they. You know, the ones between those hellbent on dissheveling the US in time of crises, and those who call themselves “americans”. If capitalism is taken to its extreme, I wonder if there is a bottom line to destroying one’s own country if the need calls. Where are the terrorists? Is Bin Laden the only one who is slippery and hard to nail down? And why was his family in so tight with the Bush family? I know oil money but doesn’t all this stuff really have a dark greasy dirty smudge of oil on it just about every way you turn.

    ; )

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