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Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in Breaking News, International, Politics, War | 0 comments

Libyan Diplomats Call For No-Fly Zones

There are numerous confirmed reports that protesters in Libya are being bombed from fighter jets. CNN reports there may be helicopter gunships opening fire. Protesters are increasingly reporting that foreign mercenaries are leading the ground attacks and continue to be shipped in by helicopter. Two fighter pilots have defected to Malta claiming that they were ordered to carry out bombings and refused.

Against this backdrop Al Jazeera is reporting that seven diplomats have now resigned — with several more diplomats explicitly stating they are against the regime — and are calling for the international community to enact no fly zones over the country to prevent further bombings and possible mercenary intrusions. Furthermore the deputy ambassador to the UN has called for humanitarian supplies to be delivered and distributed in protected zones.

An Al Jazeera reporter and analyst stated that contrary to a country like Egypt, the Libyan regime is much more loosely organized (indeed the ambassadors kept repeating that they were never part of the “regime” but represent the people) and that as a consequence a lot of the worst abuses have always been by mercenaries directly paid by Gaddafi; mercenaries that rival the organized military in power. This suggests the possibility that attacks may continue against protesters even if the government officially falls apart and will put pressure on the international community to do something to stem the violence.

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