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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Arts & Entertainment, Economy, Politics, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 2 comments

Latest But Not Last Romney

Accepting the nomination he chased rightward for two years, Mitt Romney tacked hard to the middle last night, leaving behind all those versions of himself who had gone head to head with Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann and Cain in spewing Obama hatred.

Prime-time viewers met this swell guy, great family man, patriot who had been wishing Barack Obama well in restoring American prosperity but had been by gosh so disappointed when the President failed that he felt compelled to do the job himself:

“I wish President Obama had succeeded because I want America to succeed. But his promises gave way to disappointment and division.” (Romney’s regrets would be hard to square with the attack of his running mate who led the Tea Party Congress in wall-to-wall obstruction, but that was yesterday’s speech.)

Romney’s Jimmy Stewart impersonation is, of course, only the next step in the Etch-a-Sketch evolution of the man for whom nothing is permanent. As always, last night’s Romney will have a short shelf life as he goes back on the campaign attack and tries to sell what David Brooks describes as a faulty vision:

“Today’s Republican Party may be able to perform useful tasks with its current hyperindividualistic mentality. But its commercial soul is too narrow…”


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  • The_Ohioan

    First, the Democratic convention is not the place to drag down Romney; let the advertisements do that. It’s a place to tell how a rising tide lifts all boats and how the Democrats want to give everyone a chance to succeed through contributions to family, community and nation by individuals and government working together “to build it”.

    Brooks article was a great response to the Republican convention’s lack of completing the story of all those strivers that got the speakers to where they are. Once they “have arrived”, they seem to have little interest in helping others to do the same.

    I can’t help but wonder what those whose first impression of Romney, other than his ads against Obama (and theirs against him) has been while watching this convention. How did the aw shucks Romney match the ads he’s been running? And if they are only now, after the convention, going to be looking at the even more vicious ads coming, how will they judge Mr. Romney’s Janus personality?

  • merkin

    Maybe its my faulty memory but I don’t remember a recession in which the opposition party, the party out of power, did more to torpedo any chance at recovery that they could. Always before it was a time to work together to pull out of the recession.

    Economics is a social science. It is a study of the reactions of people to stimuli. To large degree a stimulus package meant to spur on to a better economy depends on the way that the package is viewed by the public. A stimulus package that is seen to be good enough to do the job will petty much be successful because people believe that it will succeed and they start spending and investing again. A stimulus that is viewed negatively is doomed to fail no matter how large or well designed that it is.

    This is what the Republicans did to try to defeat Obama’s chances for a second term, they tried as hard as they could to make sure that the stimulus failed. Their plan was to prolong the recession until the 2012 elections so that Obama would be blamed for it and hope that enough people would forget that they were the ones who caused it in the first place.

    So if this is the kind of behavior you condone from our leaders and you forgot who caused the recession in the first place, vote for Mitt Romney.

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