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Posted by on Aug 13, 2006 in At TMV | 8 comments

Lamont’s Obstacles In November

Firstly, we were WRONG: Joe Lieberman didn’t win his hometown of New Haven. Read the linked column because it also details the obstacles and challenges Ned Lamont is going to face if he’s going to repeat his Tuesday victory in November.

Among other things, The Hartford Courant’s Stan Simpson writes:

Everything that worked for the Lamontistas could backfire in November. While Lieberman was properly bludgeoned for his inflexible position on the war, expect him, especially with the latest terrorism affront, to push Lamont to articulate a specific policy for national defense, Iraq and terrorism.

“He’s going to have to attack Lamont ruthlessly on the war issue, because Lamont really doesn’t have a position on the war,” said political strategist Webster Brooks. The former Hartford school administrator is running for vice president of the United States as part of a quixotic Independent campaign headed by Florida businessman Daniel Imperato. “I think Lieberman’s position is wrong, but Lamont doesn’t have one.”

Another issue that could come back to haunt Lamont is his alliance with ultra-liberal bloggers and his embracing of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. Jackson and Sharpton bogarted Lamont’s victory platform Tuesday as national cameras rolled. You could almost hear the seething of angry white male constituents.

Read the entire column. He makes some points you haven’t read in many of the news accounts or blogs on both sides (that seem to be getting a bit bogged down in the emotional aspects of being defenders or detractors of Lieberman).

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  • I doubt the poison of racisim was as prevelant as the author alludes to.

    Most North Eastterners aren’t nearly as racialy assinine as the southern US.

  • SnarkyShark

    Everything that worked for the Lamontistas could backfire in November

    Or not. You know what they say about opinions. Joe doesn’t get to claim the (d) anymore, and the DLC is all a-twitter. America finally won one. The oligarchy can be defeated,

  • BeYourGuest

    Lieberman also has a few obstacles.

    For starters, he lost the doggone primary.

    He’s currently polling below 50%. According to the conventional wisdom–which is admittedly not holding up so well this year–that is bad news for an incumbant.

    I’m no expert, but won’t he have to run a very “in your face” campaign?

  • grognard

    My interest in this will be in the money, will Lamont have the financing he needs to win? Where will Lieberman find funds? The money spent by outside groups will also play in this, will Lamont be able to control his message or be on the sidelines as the special interest groups battle it out?

  • Salmenio

    Lieberman is a jerk.

  • Elrod

    This is actually a fairly low-stakes battle because Lieberman will still caucus as a Democrat if he wins. This will not affect the larger issue of who retains Congress.

    The message has already been sent in the primary that Democrats no longer put up with the Iraq war. That was very important for the public to hear. Watching the hyperbole on the right after the election has been instructive too. The Republicans know their days are numbered, and they know that what happened to their favorite Democrat could happen to them in November. What terrifies Republicans is not that Lieberman lost, but that turnout was so high. If liberal Democrats are THIS motivated to vote, Republicans are in big trouble.

  • Kim Ritter

    I agree Elrod-but its also an anti-incumbent vote, voicing discontent for the status quo in Washington. Democrats may face that as well.

    I listened to Lamont after the primary and he made a lot of sense on other issues as well. He is not a lefty anti-war fringe candidate, but a fiscal conservative who would like to reinvest in America’s youth and infrastructure, who wants to strenghten our country from the inside-instead of pouring unaccounted-for billions into Iraq.

  • Sarum

    Money for Lamont, no problem, nor will it be for Lieberman, remember how the money poured in for the Green canidate to help Santorum. No, money won’t play a big part in this race, character, honesty and focus will. I believe Lamont beats Lieberman with that.

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