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Posted by on Jun 2, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment | 1 comment

Lady Blago in Distress

This is one subject which, even more than its important value in analyzing our cultural and political shift, should remind the readers of TMV exactly how much your authors here lay it all on the line for you. We provide live reporting of breaking events when possible, varied analysis from the full spectrum of opinions, and as with today’s column, we risk exposing ourselves to all manner of hazards and report back here so you won’t have to. In keeping with this tradition, last night I watched the entire premiere episode of “I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here” featuring Mrs. Rod Blagojevich. (Again.. so YOU didn’t have to!)

Ok… in terms of full disclosure, “watched” may be a bit strong of a word. At some point during the first hour (yes… it dragged on for a coma inducing 120 minutes) I began drooling on my shirt and blacking out occasionally, but I snapped back to it every time the impeached Governor’s wife showed up and began speaking.

I don’t want you to get the impression that I don’t like reality television. I’ve been a fan of Survivor from day one and I must confess that I’ve even tuned in for almost all the seasons of Big Brother. But even using that as a measuring standard, this show was nearly unwatchable. Sadly, Mrs. Blago is just about the most famous person on there, so I’m not sure where they set the bar for the term “celebrity.” It does feature 70’s supermodel Janice Dickinson and NBA great John Salley, both of whom were engaging if not superstars. They also dredged up the least famous of the Baldwin Brothers whose career has carved a burning arc from a movie some people actually saw fifteen years ago to made for TV movies, to guest appearances on other people’s TV shows, to a weekly late night talk radio gig with somebody else you’ve never heard of. (I guess the Saturday Night Live Baldwin is still gainfully employed and too busy for this.) He served alongside some couple from a show called “The Hills” which my wife had heard of and a guy who lost on American Idol a couple years ago.

It wasn’t all bad news, however, as I got to see a pair of female comics from Chicago who seemed very funny, so I’ll be on the lookout for any Comedy Central specials they may have coming up.

As for Mrs. Blago herself, she seemed very nice and was quite articulate. I felt bad for her, what with being swept away in the rapids and then forced to eat a tarantula, not to mention having to pray with the obnoxious “Hills” couple. But she took a little time out to talk about her husband, and I have to admit that by the time she was done even I was wondering if old Rod had gotten a fair shake in Illinois. That passed with a good night’s sleep, of course, but she certainly is convincing.

Anyway, the show will apparently be on all week on NBC. Should you check it out? Don’t expect me to send you that way. And if you do, don’t come back here crying to me when your brain has melted down.

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