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Posted by on Jul 5, 2006 in At TMV | 20 comments

Ken Lay Just Died Rather Than Go to Prison

MSNBC Breaking News – CNBC: Ex-Enron chief Kenneth Lay dead of heart attack.

Houston Chronicle:

Pastor Steve Wende of First United Methodist Church of Houston, said in a statement that church member Lay died unexpectedly of a “massive coronary.”

Wende said Lay and his wife, Linda, were in Aspen, Colo., for the week “and his death was totally unexpected. Apparently, his heart simply gave out.”

The Lays owned property in Colorado, the only state outside the Southern District of Texas, which includes Houston, where he was allowed to go before that sentencing.


Officials at the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Aspen Valley Hospital refused to discuss details of Lay’s death, although Nancy Raab with the sheriff’s records division said it is under investigation. She declined to release details of any 911 calls related to Lay.

Denver Post

AP via Rocky Mountain News

Washington Post:

Family spokeswoman Kelly Kimberly said Lay died of a heart attack. A statement from the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office said deputies and an ambulance were sent to Lay’s vacation home in Old Snowmass at 1:41 a.m. for “a medical emergency.”

“Mr. Lay was transported to Aspen Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 3:11 a.m.,” the statement said. “A coroner’s autopsy is pending,” the statement said.


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  • DBL


    You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Whatever crimes Mr. Lay may or may not have committed, snarky jokes about him dying of a heart attack are low rent. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not not speak ill of the dead? What’s the point? Just to make his family members and friends feel worse?

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I am not at all ashamed since that appears to be exactly what Ken Lay did. Go wash out your own mouth.

  • true

    its true, google news it– he either died or faked his own death.

  • C.Prez

    DBL just shut up.

    Now Lay’s REALLY about to be judged…and not by any Earth court either.

  • Dennis Raines

    Well, I hope Kenny-boy likes it warm.

  • It’s a shame he got off so easily. I was all in favor of medically prolonging his life in prison so that he could more deeply reflect on human suffering and solitude.

  • Holly,

    Generally, I respect your opinion.

    But, this time, I respectfully disagree.

    Ken was a jerk, but he’s dead. I see no reason to make it tough on his family. It serves no purpose.

    His family has been through enough because of Ken’s actions. They’re not guilty of anything.

    I know how this feels from experience.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I’m not making fun of Ken Lay but rather posting a news item. It is an obvious attempt to escape prison and may well be suicide.

  • Jim

    So you are saying, without any shred of real evidence aside from the fact that you didn’t like him, that he either faked his death or committed suicide? Because we all know that its unlikely someone his age might have a heart attack and die from it, right?

    Please show your evidence of the suicide. I’m also assuming you are a coroner, heart surgeon, or cardiac ICU nurse so that your evidence will be rock solid.

    You are 100% sure he didn’t have a heart attack?

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    He probably did have a heart attack but what induced it is not clear. I did not post his death as a suicide – just as a news item. I have not “made fun” of Lay and don’t understand at all where this criticism is coming from.

  • Chippedchips

    I wonder how many unreported but directly related ruined stockholder deaths Ken Lay and his cohorts caused? Did Lay’s wife and family display one shred of care about what happened to all the thousands of trusting people that lost everything?

    Did either Ken Lay, his wife, or any of his family ever try to give back a cent of illgotten hoarded gain to those they raped?

    Compassion for him? Throw his carcass in a ditch and let it rot with the rest of the road-kill.

  • jacjr56

    Hey he died of a heart attack. I think he had heart problems all along but it didn’tstop him from plurging on his extravagant lifestyle nor ripping off the people who worked for him. I say bring up the next one in line after Lay and Skilling to take his place.

  • Salmineo

    Heart Attack. Not quite the poetic justice I was looking for, but I guess we have to accept the justice we have, not the justice we wished we had.

    I find it rather interesting that he died in his Aspen “vacation home”. There will never be justice until EVERY asset these people have has been confiscated and sold with proceeds going to those whom have lost all because of their greedy lies. Let this family pound the pavement for jobs like the vast majority of this country must do. The very fact that these people and others have SO MUCH is proof that they are cheating us, or at least Over Charging us in the first place. They created nothing for this nation and Lies have been their only contribution. What they deserve is beyond my ability to hate.

  • Charles Jordan

    I think he took something

  • Pico

    Not sure what everyone’s so disappointed about. He would’ve just gone to some white-collar country club prison.

  • merlallen

    I’m surprised he was a Church member. Did he sleep through the sermons?

  • Salmineo


    WHAT?! You mean tared and feathered and dragging him through the streets chained to the bumper of a pick-up was not on the agenda? There is no justic left in this nation.

  • Salmineo


    Sure he was a church member. He was the one everybody was praying too.

  • Jim

    Salmineo, I have to disagree w/ part of your statement:

    The very fact that these people and others have SO MUCH is proof that they are cheating us, or at least Over Charging us in the first place.

    There is no proof that everyone that has SO MUCH more than you is either cheating you, or overcharging you. Bill Gates has more than pretty much everyone, but consumers make a choice to buy microsoft products. He and many others either worked their asses off, got lucky, or invented something no one else thought of. If you don’t like the fact that they have more than you or I (put together probably) then work harder, save more, or invent something great. Believe me I was no ken Lay fan, I work for a Co. that has also gone bankrupt, I was luckily smart enough not to put all my eggs in one basket, therefore I’m not at a 100% loss, and yes our CEO is in prison, and yes he lied to us too.

  • DBL

    The plaintiffs suing Ken Lay can continue their lawsuit against his estate, but they will not be able to use his convictions to prove their case. Upon his death, his convictions were vacated, and are completely void. That means that the plaintiffs cannot use the fact of his conviction to prove that he committed fraud. Instead, they will actually have to prove their fraud cases at trial, with witnesses, etc. Since the vast majority of Lay’s net worth was invested in Enron stock, and since that is now worthless, it seems unlikely that the plaintiffs will be able to recover very much from his estate. If they can get $5 million from the remaining real estate, after payment of all his legal fees, it would be a miracle. That’s barely enough to make it worthwhile to bring a complex suit like that.

    If I were on the jury, I would have voted to convict Skilling but I would have voted to acquit Lay. Skilling put together the Chewbacca fraud, which was plain outright fraud in violation of the accounting rules. Lay had nothing to do with that. Lay created a highly leveraged company that was vulnerable but I don’t think he committed any crimes. That’s just my personal impression, you (and the jury) all obviously disagree.

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