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  • TheMagicalSkyFather

    Hillary Clintons supporters remind me of a married womans mother.

    “You know if you just would have married Brad instead at this point all your dreams would have come true.”

    “Mom seriously I was never that into him and the sex was horrid, just because you thought he was hot doesnt mean I should have married him. So after twenty years why dont we let this go.”

    I will say I think Hillary was mislabeled a harpy during the campaign when the harpies were her supporters and they keep on rollin on.

  • Allen

    A divided house cannot stand.

    None of this comes from Hillary Clinton and it won’t. Because she knows that it is the republican party that has changed. They have been taken over by alien body snatchers and are hell bent on destroying the earth.

    Hillary Clinton knows that unity is the most important part of leading right now.

    So stop putting words in her mouth please because she is not going to run for President.

    Who’s side are you on anyway?

  • DavidMtem

    Stale old comedy routines.
    Nostalgic maudlin musical interludes.
    Tainted meat into the dog ring.


  • DLS

    No Magic Ponies! Disappointment! (Next, Outrage!)

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