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Posted by on Nov 2, 2011 in Law, Politics, Society | 4 comments

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks loses appeal. Will be extradited to Sweden to face charges

You know, 40 years ago, an entire decade might go by without a sexual accusation or scandal. Profumo, anyone.

And nowadays, it seems like, well, only a day or two and there’s another ‘wide stance’ or another batch party hired dancer claim, or another this that or the other claim regarding body parts. And using those body parts, whether words from mouth, or bird from south, to… do something unwarranted.

No one can predict what will happen to/for Assange who is accused of rape and sexual intrusion on two women. But unlike Cain who has only served up some pizza, via Pillsbury his onetime and now defunct boss of Godfathers’, unlike others who have served up just average and sub-average legislative fare, including Newtie and Johny Edwards, and others who sort of forgot they were married, and very publically so, for a time… Assange really did rip a planetary hole in so-called intelligence across nations, making any hole in the ozone overhead look a little miniscule.

One thing for certain, Assange is the only one I can think of at the moment who could possibly be being persecuted unjustly in retaliation for doing a huge global strip show that embarrassed governments, corporate duffers and diplomats without regard for party or affiliation. Cain’s playing the role of ‘the injured lady who doth protest too much’, though louder and more shrill that Assange by far, is somehow less credibe. In part, or maybe mostly because Cain has done the b word: not brave, rather only boastful. And nowadays, predictibly boastful. All Cain needs to round it all out is a baby=adult showing claiming Herman is his /her father who abandoned him /her 25 years ago.

In both cases, we shall see what justice was served in Cain’s case of ‘the sexual harassment he ‘forgot’ because it was only 12 years and $35k ago in one case… and what justice has to say about the Assange charges….

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