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Posted by on May 15, 2009 in Politics | 0 comments

John Avlon’s Wingnuts Of The Week: Wanda Sykes And Rush Limbaugh

Centrist writer John Avlon, author of the must-read and must-own book Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics, feels the center is under attack and it’s time for it to fight back. And so here is his second Wingnuts of the Week feature for CNN — this time giving comedian Wanda Sykes and talk show host Rush Limbaugh the (dubious) weekly award:

You can also read his comments here…which has this intro:

The Wingnut of the Week segment got a great response in its opening edition. There were comments from all over the Web, including defenders of respective wingnut Representatives Bachman or McKinney who applauded one selection while condemning the other. We’re encouraging these debates and centrists are used to such complaints – liberals think we’re conservative and conservatives think we’re liberal. Independents don’t walk in lockstep with any party-line; they make up their own mind.

May we say “Ditto”(or is that the wrong word)? But we digress from Avlon:

Others sought to clarify the terminology – saying that “wingnut” should refer only to folks on the far-right, while “moonbat” properly refers to the loony-left. I appreciate the efforts at Noah Webster-like netroot accuracy, but for me and many others in the moderate majority, a wingnut on one side equals a wingnut on the other.

After looking at your suggestions about this week’s selections, two names stood out as obvious: Wanda Sykes and Rush Limbaugh.

Go to the link to read the rest of it.

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