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Posted by on Jul 27, 2010 in Arts & Entertainment | 0 comments

Joe Gandelman Forgot To Mention: Re Stone’s Inference That Jews Control the Media

I am the queen of the world, and I alone influence all media daily. Mr Gandelman is but one of my trusted subjects.

I am the one who gives marching orders to him to distribute to all media everywhere in the world to do MY bidding. Surely this is women’s work to butt into everyone’s lives at the highest levels.

Mr. Gandelman just said he was the one controlling all media in order to protect me.

Though he is a Jew, I am a Catholic, and Catholics are first century Jews who believe a little differently than other Jews. So together Joe G. and I have created the Catholish-Jewolic MultiMedia Syndicate.

Now the true secret is out.

Not only do 21st century Jews control the media, but 1st century Jewesses control the 21st century Jews AND the media, as well.

Just so we’re all clear. We are Clear, arent we now? Yes, I can see we are clear. Thank you.

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