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Posted by on Dec 5, 2006 in At TMV | 6 comments

Joe Biden’s run for the border

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware is running for president. Again. And guess what? — his strategy involves going after undocumented Mexican immigrants. Perhaps he’s hoping that a tough line on immigration, including support for a wall, will arouse populist support for what is sure to be a losing effort, but his Tancredo-like musings smack of the usual xenophobia.

A more sensible approach to illegal immigration is called for. And Biden doesn’t have it.

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  • It seems to me that Biden is trying to use this popular issue to establish that he a law and order candidate.

    I am guessing that he would vote in favor of the McCain/Kennedy Immigration Compromise

  • Tim_W

    I’m going to be honest here. Sounds like you need to do a little more reporting work before accusing someone of xenophobic and irresponsible policies. I’ve followed Biden for a long time and he is no fan of putting up a wall to solve immigration woes. He makes that clear in the full talk he gave in South Carolina which you can find on YouTube The only reason he voted for the wall it has been shown to be an effective way of limiting trucks coming in with drugs from Mexico. And before you critize him for ignoring the demand side of the drug war, his leadership in the senate is littered with drug prevention and treatment programs. I agree, America suffers from many of the same class stratification Mexico is dealing with, but when someone asks what do we do about illegal immigration, you can’t help but pointing out motivations for coming to the United States. Thats why Biden has called for a masive jobs program in Mexico to help rebuild their middle class and to lift those in poverty into a better life. Sounds sensible to me.

  • As Lou Dobbs is fond of saying, you can’t stop illegal immigration if you can’t control the borders.

    There is nothing xenophobic about wanting people to enter this country legally. If you don’t want control of the borders would you like to also get rid of the rest of the immigration controls?

    Why should someone from Mexico be able to come into this country illegaly and take advantage of taxpayer funded programs while people from Africa and other places are not allowed the same “right?”

  • The reader should consider at least these four:

    1. Biden wasn’t “going after undocumented Mexican immigrants”, he was speaking some truth about the matter.

    2. There’s no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant”.

    3. Compare Biden’s remarks to the boot-licking engaged in by Bush, Schwarzeneggger, and most others. Arnie’s even got a questionable MexicoConnection, as discussed at the link.

    4. Anything like the Senate bill will be perceived around the world as a massive amnesty, causing millions more IllegalAliens to try to come here. Anything like the Senate bill will make the situation far, far worse.

  • Rudi

    But what about all those ‘maccacas’ running DonutHoleShops all over the country. Biden is no idioy, but he tends to love to hear himself talk.

  • Ryan

    Why is any support for enforcement of currently existing immigration law continually labeled xenophobic? Just because we think all hopeful immigrants should be treated equally? Just because we think those from Mexico should not just be able to walk across the border and then get granted citizenship while those from Asia, Africa, Europe, or elsewhere sometimes have to wait years if not decades and in some cases spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to come here legally and then potentially live under the constant threat of being deported because their visas expire and in some cases never even get granted the chance at permanent residence, much less citizenship?

    Sorry but my belief in fairness does not make me a xenophobe. I hope you won’t say my legal immigrant wife’s belief in fairness makes her a xenophobe, either.

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