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Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Featured, Media, Terrorism | 4 comments

ISIS Terror: Are We Desensitized?

When the Islamic State group released a new video Sunday showing a series of bloody beheadings, including that of U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig, newspapers, TV networks and news sites once again featured blaring headlines detailing and decrying the latest piece of ISIS propaganda. But the stories of militant terror seem to be having diminishing impact…

  • Markus

    The bad guys know what immediate emotional reactions their acts will elicit. That is the reason they make videos that show off their shameful impudence. I certainly think that our leaders should think, calculate, and plan out our response. The calls for immediate responses to every outrage are demagoguery. We did not look before we leapt into war against Iraq which doesn’t look like such a smart move now; George Will recently called it the worst foreign policy blunder in US history. Less anger, less outrage, more looking at our options.
    BTW, my radio is on, and there has been shooting in a library at a Florida school. I think that I am shocked and outraged.

    • Slamfu

      “I certainly think that our leaders should think, calculate, and plan out our response.”

      I think we’ve already done so, and are currently enacting the policy that will work. We support with air and intel and keep ISIS from gaining ground while the locals, the people with actual skin in the game, get their act together and crush ISIS. Iraq even without Iran’s support has more than enough resources to defeat them if their leadership can stop shooting themselves in the foot. And of course, Iraq DOES have Iran’s support as Iran has no desire to see a friendly Shiite govt on its doorstep replaced with a violently aggressive Sunni theocracy.

  • JSpencer

    The quote from Donovan is right on the mark imo. We all find sadistic acts to be repugnant, but sound foreign policy has to be based on a LOT more than that.

  • Slamfu

    Yes we are. That is natural after you’ve already seen something. The funny, and I use the term in its most tragically ironic form, is that while only showing a relative handful of atrocities on video which garner the lion’s share of the outrage, they have performed orders of magnitude worse in total. They can brutally murder 1000 unarmed civilians and its just news. But commit 1 beheading on film and its an international outrage. They are engaged in every type of brutality they can, and we are trying to stop them. The region is slowly coalescing into the unified front needed to stop them with US air support. ISIS is on the downswing. We sadly must sit back and wait for the situation to stabilize, and have pity for the victims in the meantime.

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