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Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in Business, Health | 2 comments

Is Food Chemistry Poisoning America? (Guest Voice)

Is Food Chemistry Poisoning America? (via EcoLocalizer)

Though I have been personally steering away from processed foods ever since my grandmother taught me to be wary of any food that required a hazmat suit and a beaker to produce, I recently viewed a report on food additives that stunned me.  The authors claim that the US Food and Drug Administration…

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  • I tell ya what, when you start eating more & more home-cooked, fresh-ingredient “stuff”, you rapidly develop a sense for how horrible some foods are. It’s not just the chemicals listed in this article, it’s also the high levels of sodium and sugar.

    Buttered microwave popcorn, for one, is just absolutely repugnant to me now. And as it turns out, it’s nasty stuff, too. Link

  • slamfu

    I agree. The more research I do, the more the facts seem to point to our generally being misled, since childhood, about how to value nutrition and what we should be eating. Green leafies, beans, fruits, should be the core of any diet, and consumed in large quantities over well just about anything. There is further evidence supporting that this misinformation about just how bad the food is is causing hundreds of thousands of deaths per year do to bad nutrition. In fact, in America we have the exact opposite problem other nations have. While people in Africa may be starving to death, we are eating our selves to death. Even if we are too lazy to excercise, which is most of us including myself, a good diet can eliminate many of the heart disease and cancer related issues that are the leading cause of death for most Americans. This is actually a pretty big issue.

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