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Posted by on Feb 11, 2009 in At TMV | 3 comments

Introducing Progressive Republicans

Shortly after the November elections, I received a message on Facebook to join a group called Progressive Republicans. I was interested and started to get to know Travis Johnson, the 30-something behind this endeavor. This enterprise is still in its early stages, but Travis has done a lot to get things off the ground. Travis put together list of common principles that sets out the mission of this strange beast called a Progressive Republican. This is what the preamble states:

We are Republicans. Not only in name, but in belief and principle. We are proud to share in the legacy of those who held together the union, ended slavery, and championed civil rights. We gladly continue our party’s old battle against state excess. We uphold its traditional respect for personal liberty, open markets, and strict constitutionalism.

However, as progressive Republicans, we understand our party’s dedication to limited government and individual choice should as a full spectrum commitment, encompassing social as well as economic issues. We champion liberty for markets and men alike.

Travis started a blog with a list of fellow Progressive Republicans who write on various topics. I was asked to take part in this enterprise and I have done so.

The Progressive Republican blog is a good way to peek into a strain of the GOP that has been dormant for far too long. We hope that you will enjoy the blog, feel free to comment and take part in the conversation.

The loss the GOP suffered in November created a narrow opening: a space where people are starting to question past practices and figure out how to be conservatives in a new landscape.

I hope people will take part in this conversation.

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