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Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in 2014 Elections, 2016 Elections, Featured, Immigration, Law, Politics | 3 comments

On Immigration, Nobody Is Winning

In early October, with his popularity sagging and his party looking at potentially staggering midterm losses, President Barack Obama appeared at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s annual gala in Washington, D.C. His goal that night was twofold. First, he wanted to send a message through the 2,000 or so well-heeled advocates in the room that Latinos…

  • sheknows

    Perhaps Obama should just let the Republicans implement the immigration law so the Latino community understands better what Obama was trying to do for them. The resulting outcry of unhappiness afterward would naturally be blamed on Obama by the Republicans though.
    He will probably just EO it and have something decent because he is backed into a corner. I think that will be a repeating theme over the next two years.

    • JSpencer

      One would hope enough pain (reality therapy) would snap people into consciousness, but when the GOP just spins that pain into confusion and apathy we end up with stats like 36% turnout. Less citizen involvement = success for the political right. How patriotic is that?

      • sheknows

        Agreed. I would think the Hispanic/Latino community was following this very closely and would have known that to vote Republican ( or to be more accurate, NOT vote Democrat) would delay the implementation of any legislation… but worse, if any was passed it would not be something they liked.

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