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Posted by on Oct 8, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Politics, Women | 30 comments


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I want him to stop making lust remarks about his own daughter Ivanka.

I want him to make a full apology with complete sincerity to Megan and Rosie and all the other women who he was angry at because they dared to question his ‘highness’ and/or because they failed to make him rise up in hunting alert.

Yes, I know. Not likely. Really not likely.

Here’s the thing though, we have daily examples as women, young girls, elders… of persons on radio, television, media internet, calling us down, in most ugly terms imaginable. The messages from the greater portion of decent men who are humane are drowned out daily by far too many who flog the same ideas over and over, that women exist to cause men to be aroused, to gratify a man sexually. Women are not to think, have ideas, ask questions, confront, inquire, create, shine.

And Don Imus and Bernie McGuirk who cavilled and hooted over ‘nappy headed ho’s’ regarding a well respected women’s basketball team… and the two stooges radio drive time show hosts who said Secretary of State Rice, ought be raped– I wonder… do you think we forgot? Forgot that wrists were slapped with a wet noodle and all went on as before. I wonder sometimes, do most people think we are daft and senile and do not keep track of what happens to prominent men who vulgarize and predate on women as though the women are less than animals?

I do not know why those who have far better ideas about women as full beings are seldom given voice, meaning men, caring men, brave men, courageous men, regular old men who scratch and also sing sometimes so beautifully.

Even most evangelicals seem to want their women to be obediant to whomever, and not have a mind, soul, spirit, heart. Just a body and obedience.

I don’t know the answer. I don’t feel disheartened about men, because I know many, including some here who are beyond decent and caring souls regarding all persons including women and girls. My father, uncles and brothers and sons are exemplary as human beings who demonstrate, not just talk, about caring about our world.

However, given that Trump has been given literally BILLIONS of dollars worth of free publicity by Mainstream Media, as though he is a moving freak show of vulgarity that someone, several someones high up in corporate media, just can’t get enough of apparently…

THAT, yes Trump too, but THAT feeder system in media that loves to create what we shield our young children’s eyes and ears from, somehow thinking WE love to see/hear the equivalent of daily pouring and pouring of sewage and offal… THAT is far more the ongoing issue.

We know that Ailes is one name who drove this dreck journalism. There are others. I wonder what their names are. Rupert and friends? Those who bought their way into our nation, bought up media like some buy up sports’ teams…

I wonder what is the best way to send certain of the MSM a message that this flinging billions of free publicity dollars at ‘the least humane, the most predatory’ in terms of media integrity is in any way serving the public’s right to know, by giving a predatory man free reign to say and do on film, on radio, whatever he feels like, without being held to principles of reportage/information that is factual.

So yes, Trump= 0. But what would be the score of the media who empowered him massively, though some, late, then have gone after his lacks of veracity once he was nominated.

Freedom of press ought not to be freedom to allow a fool the microphone incessantly without close consistent, daily questioning.

I don’t want an apology from Trump. I raised daughters and influence daughters worldwide to sidestep bullies and predators. The Boston Globe is sainted because of their dogged exposure of lying Bishops and Cardinals. The WaPo is at least beatified for having been banned by Trump from his rallies [for their impertinence in asking hard questions of Trump] and yet, continued to rampantly pursue some of the best of our times investigative reporting, including today, scooping a recording demonstrating Trump’s viscerally disgusting and predatory ways of [not] seeing women as human beings.

Would that all other major news outlets would also pursue instead of softballing and softpedalling atrocious truths that we all had the right to know MONTHS ago.

There’s still time for redemption.

But for Trump? Unknown.

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    Thank you.

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      denada, siempre ES

  • jdledell

    This morning my wonderful wife of 48 years, after watching a little CNN, asked me do men really talk like this? I honestly told her, I don’t know. I do remember in High School talking to a few guys that ” she’s a 10, or she’s hot” but never with the gross detail Trump used on the audio tape.

    When my wife and I were dating, I thought she was the most amazing person I had ever met in my life. She was an artist and musician and the most creative person imaginable. Yes she was pretty and I did notice that. However, I thought I could, and should, be the helpmate to this amazing person. To that end, when I asked her to marry me, I did by singing this song by the Jefferson Airplane to her. It’s called “Today”

    Today, I feel like pleasing you
    More than before
    Today, I know what I want to do
    But I don’t know what for
    To be living for you
    Is all I want to do
    To be loving you
    It’ll all be there
    When my dreams come true

    Today, you’ll make me say
    That I somehow have changed
    Today, you’ll look into my eyes
    I’m just not the same
    To be any more than all I am
    Would be a lie
    I’m so full of love
    I could burst apart
    And start to cry

    Today, everything you want
    I swear it will all come true
    Today, I realize how much
    I’m in love with you
    With you standing here
    I could tell the world
    What it means to love
    To go on from here
    I can’t use words
    They don’t say enough

    Please, please listen to me
    It’s taken so long to come true
    It’s all for you, all for you

    During our 48 years of marriage she has continued her artistry, well known on the East Coast where many of her paintings reside in homes, still a musician composing music used by piano students around the country, For 5 years she toured the country with her band opening for such acts as Foghat with her own record contract. In addition she was a wonderful mother to our very successful children. She is so well known locally that people frequently refer to me by her first name, Mr. Cinder. It is a title I wear proudly as recognition of being the helpmate and companion to a truly amazing, gifted woman who has had a chance to blossom into “being all she can be” and I thank G-d for giving me a chance to watch.

    Donald Trump in his attitude toward women, has never had the gift of helping and watching a woman blossom – he truly is shortchanging himself in this limited time on earth.

    • JSpencer

      Thank-you jdledell for your heartfelt comment. “Today” remains one JA’s most beautiful songs.

    • Alice Propst Sisson

      Two thumbs up, Jdledell! Your wife is a very lucky woman

    • dduck

      🙂 JDL

    • rudi

      Does your wife have her music on YouTube or Sound Cloud?

      • jdledell

        Rudi – When she had her band there was no such thing as music videos. So recently, she has created videos with the soundtracks of her old band for YouTube. One of her YouTube videos “I am a symphony” used some of our piano students as props. Most of the rest of her videos are of just a few of the 100+ songs she composed for her band. She was the principle keyboard player, vocalist and songwriter for the group. Just type in Cinder LeDell in YouTube.

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      I am ever appreciative of your comments JDL… please live long and strong. Thank you.

  • JSpencer

    Amen Dr. E. Well said as always. The attempted dismissal of Trump’s comments as typical locker room talk is offensive to the vast majority of men, all of who came from mothers, and most who have sisters, wives, lovers, or female best friends, and who recognize such talk as inexcusable in the extreme.

    • dduck

      vast 🙂

      • JSpencer

        Certainly the vast majority of male democrats. Your own mileage may well vary.

        • dduck

          dems: yup

  • KP

    A needed post/article.

    This/Your book is a valued part of my library.

  • SteveK

    To echo others… Thank you.

    What’s the matter with that man and those who are defending him?
    Even Runny Babbit knows better:

    * Runny’s Rig Bomance *
    Runny had a firlgriend,
    Her name was Sunny Bue.
    He called her nots
    of licknames,
    Like “Kitchy-Itchy-Koo.”
    Sometimes he called her
    And sometimes “Dovey Lear,”
    But he only called her
    When no one else could hear.

    – Shel Silverstein Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook 2005

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      I never heard that before Steve. Thank you. How imaginative he was. You too, you curate such good things.


        I’ll respond to this line of comment, though a bit late to the party. I have been present when a man asked my daughter if she was a “model.” She is an attractive young woman (22 y.o.). I treated the comment on her beauty to be a compliment, and to me it’s ok to recognize that she has been blessed with physical beauty. But, I do not think of her as “a piece of ass” or imagine “dating” her. She is lucky to have good looks, but she is luckier to be hard working, ambitious, self-assertive, empathetic and well educated. Those qualities will last longer and mean more than how physically beautiful she is at 22.

        • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

          thanks ES. Admiration, BRIEF admiration is not an issue usually.

  • KP

    Bald-faced liars cast a long dark shadow on the good amongst them.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    I was wondering what men make of a man who keeps commenting about his daughter’s sexuality. I remember being shocked at films of Ivanka leering, mouthing sexually for the camera in some film clip when she was a later teen, wondering how on earth her parents allowed that to develop in one so young.

    Do you have thoughts on this, or is it taboo still to speak. I know most know the difference between admiration and being far too involved in pretending one’s kin is one’s girlfriend.

    • dduck


    • KP

      I have never heard a man comment on his daughter’s sexuality around me. As well, I have never heard a man comment on either of my daughter’s sexuality in front of me. Does that mean I appear menacing or that I hang out with good people?

    • KP

      I was wondering what men make of a man who keeps commenting about his daughter’s sexuality.

      Like so many other things about Trump, the idea is disturbing and foreign to me.

      As well, I have been in and out of locker rooms nearly my entire life. Locker rooms are typically as quiet as the reading room in a library. I have been a male my entire life and men that I know don’t speak like Trump did on the released tape. Not in the bus, not in a car, not in a bar, not in the bedroom and not in a locker room.

      I wouldn’t stand by quietly if it occurred around me and I hope other men (and the millions of women in locker rooms) would agree with me.

      There is a reason the book “A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER” (Narcissism in the era of Donald Trump), which is sitting next to me, was written and published. He is not well.

      • JSpencer

        Most of the male athletes who have weighed in on this (in the wake of Trump’s comment) have related experiences similar to yours Kevin. I don’t recall any such talk in the locker rooms when I was in sports during four years of HS either. Kind of makes you wonder what kind of locker rooms DT frequented, if any at all.

        • KP

          From the first moment I heard the blatant male stereotype ‘locker room’ excuse I figured the line was fed to him by a staff member or manager unfamiliar with locker rooms. Blaming his unusually crass behavior on things other than his mental illness is a mistake.

      • Shannon Lee

        I too have spent countless hours in locker rooms in the US and Europe. This may not be known to most, but basketball players do have a reputation of being the worst when it comes to women and sex. I have never heard that particular phrase uttered or anything near to that. I wasn’t shocked that Trump said it…I was more surprised that anyone would say it. I just never thought that was “a phrase”.

        • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

          your point about it being a ‘phrase’ being surprising is right on, I think Shannon Lee. I think the point was to redirect away from the seeming longing to assault, a far more serious behavior. I have been watching the entire be redefined from leering about vulgar and sexual assault, to ‘let off the hood’ ‘jock talk.’ I find that so disheartening for decent persons of both genders, and a rotten example to set for the young. Thanks SL

      • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

        I’m appreciative of your thoughts KP. Thank you. I know how dearly you treasure your daughters. They are lucky to have a dad like you who keeps growing and learning. There’s the ticket for
        us all.

  • clinda771

    I also want no apology from this sick and twisted jerk! He lies constantly, and without impunity, so what would an apology be worth? This is such a sad sad day for this country, that we have such a stupid arrogant sleazeball running for the most important office in our country. When I first heard he was running I thought it was some kind of bad joke. I couldn’t even watch The Apprentice without feeling like I was going to vomit. It was clear that he cannot hide his ignorance and bigotry. Claiming that he respects women more than anyone else??? Give me a break. What an idiot. If by any chance he is elected, we are in huge— and I mean HUGE trouble, if not the world. Oh- and by the way interestingly enough, the man who enabled a big lowering of censoring television for porn and language was Ronald Reagan. Check it out. God help all of us.

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      “Claiming that he respects women more than anyone else?” You are correct… it is one of themost puzzling bellowings made.

      And you are correct, the elimination of equal time on radio and television re politicians, has devastated balance in our public discourse. And, there also are thoughtful people who keep speaking truths. Thank you clinda.

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