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Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Politics | 9 comments

Hypocrisy 101: Obama TelePrompter Critic Bachmann Uses an iPad

Greetings, students. I hope you all have a copy of your syllabus. Yes, you are in the correct classroom. This is Hypocrisy 101 at Political University. Last year we dealt with the TelePrompter issue and how Sarah Palin was blasting President Barack Obama for using a TelePrompter and many conservative talk show hosts did, too. But then she wrote notes on her hand and she and the talk show hosts pretended that was somehow different than a TelePrompter.

And now we have Michelle Bachmann:

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has found a loophole in her pledge not to use teleprompters.

At a campaign stop in Creston, Iowa Wednesday, the candidate read her campaign speech directly from an iPad tablet computer.

“I have a statement I would like to read before I open up and take a few of your questions,” the candidate told the crowd, only pausing from her prepared remarks to yell “Good morning!” at a passing train.

The Minnesota Republican slid her finger across the iPad screen as she opined for over five minutes about a recent attack ad by GOP hopeful Rick Perry, President Barack Obama’s signature health care legislation, and the dangers of North Korea and Iran.

“And we should always use the full resources of our military when we go to achieve a victory,” Bachmann said, again raising her voice to compete with another train.

“That’s the Reagan doctrine. That will also be the Bachmann doctrine,” she added.

Throughout her presidential campaign, Bachmann has attacked Obama for his use of teleprompters, and promised they would not be part of her White House.

“I know you’re not used to seeing a president without teleprompters,” the candidate said in July. “But I’m just here to tell you President O’Bach — President Bachmann will not have teleprompters in the White House.”

Just hand notes and iPads which, as we all know, are sort of low-tech TelePrompters.

Oh, and students? If you’re in PoliSci 101 and you are wondering why some people remain political independents and won’t join a party, the TelePrompter charge and how it is really just a bunch of THIS is one reason why independents remain independents.

Ronald Reagan, the two George Bushes, LBJ, Richard Nixon — they all used TelePrompters.

But you know that and the people pushing the narrative know that — which is why it fits in so perfectly with this course..

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  • EEllis

    Personally I find the comparison a bit weak. The TelePrompter thing came about, and as I remember it wasn’t just used by republicans, not just because Obama used a TelePrompter but because at the time there was a noticeable difference between his prompted and his extraneous speaking. Seems to me it was in reaction to the buzz about how skilled he was at public speaking. After his campaign and his time as president a lot of that is no longer applicable, but lets face it he earned it at first and will just have to live with it. It’s just rhetoric and complaining about it just sounds like whining to many who are not necessarily Obama fans.

  • I concur with EEllis; it’s a weak comparison.

    Reading 1 prepared statement or using crib notes differs significantly from reading entire prepared texts at many of one’s public appearances (even to school children).

    TOTUS is a caricature and running joke, but it’s fitting for this President. Just like extravagant vacations for him and his family during the worst economy in 70 years.

    When the optics fit…

  • The_Ohioan

    Of course it’s just rhetoric. Every time Ms. Bachmann makes that promise (to not use a teleprompter), she reinforces the animus anti-Obama people feel toward the President, which, of course, is why she continues to use it.

    When she is found to be using a prompter BEFORE being elected President, the hypocrisy is just too good to pass up. Is calling out hypocrisy whining?

    Everyone knows Ms. Bachmann, if elected president, would (or at least should) use a teleprompter. Can you imagine the problems her Secty. of State would have if she didn’t?

  • EEllis

    Is calling out hypocrisy whining?

    Does anyone even pay attention to Bachmann anymore? As I said, the way I remember it, the teleprompter bit was not just that he used it, but the difference when he didn’t. Also note that one of the things that supporters pushed was how great a public speaker Obama was. That makes fair game, and then some, how he made his speaches. As to whining sometimes it’s not fact but perception that counts. If it is true but sounds like whining then is it worth it?

  • The_Ohioan

    Yep. One man’s whine is another man’s expose.

  • Jim Satterfield

    Ummm…wasn’t that “policy” the Powell Doctrine, which came about well after Reagan left office?

  • The_Ohioan

    Jim S

    Who cares – does anyone even pay attention to Bachmann any more? Stop whining.

    And yes, it was not the Reagan Doctrine. But it’s not clear if she was still reading from the prompter at that point so don’t be so picky.

    Makes you wonder what’s on her iPad doesn’t it.

  • slamfu

    Palin lecturing Obama on public speaking is rich. Does anyone care if the speaker is using a teleprompter? As long as they aren’t staring off into space or squinting to read it I’ll take anything that makes a speech run smoother.

  • Allen

    Sara Palin and Michele Bachmann should both be using teleprompters because the disorganized, incoherent goofy mumblings that craps forth from their mouths are completely impossible to disseminate as useful information. Whether or not you are for them, or, against them politically.

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