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Posted by on Dec 20, 2008 in Politics, Religion, Society | 3 comments

How This Pastor Feels About Rick Warren

This morning, I felt the need to clarify what I like about Rick Warren, something I briefly hinted at here and on my own site. After cataloging what I like about Warren, I presented this summary, now here for your consideration:

Those who portray Warren as a demon for his positions on homosexuality or a sellout for praying for the new president in January aren’t paying attention to the whole person. His positions–theological and political–aren’t driven by hatred. Nor, in being part of the Obama inauguration, is he endorsing abortion as a form of birth control.

His critics could learn a little tolerance.

I have several areas of disagreement with Rick Warren. But my perception as a long-distance observer of his for nearly twenty years is basically positive.

For those wishing to react or respond, here’s the whole thing.

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  • AGuyNamedJames

    That’s okay. Rick Warren doesn’t seem to care about the “whole person” either. His position about me (and oddly enough, he has one, though he’s never heard my name) is that I’m unfit to walk among civilized people and should probably be incarcerated for behavior indistinguishable from incest or pedophilia (which are crimes, you know). So my “area of disagreement” is that I consider myself an American citizen entitled to the equal protection of my country’s laws, and a person whose seven year committed relationship is deserving of a certain minimal respect.

    That he is willing to believe in global warming (if not in evolution, which he calls a hoax) is to his credit, but he certainly want add to MY credit that I agree on that subject with HIM. Why do I have to look for the good in people who hate me? What good will it do? The man who wants me outlawed will still jail me. The man who wants my blood will still kill me. The man who wants my money will still rob me. There may be good in all these people, but I can’t take it to court, to the bank, or to the altar.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    Hatred? Perhaps not. Ignorance? Probably. I watched part of an interview with Warren where he equates a tendency towards greed or towards infidelity as being the same as something as basic to identity as sexual orientation. He does this when asked if his opinion concerning homosexuality would change if it were proven beyond a doubt that homosexuality was biological in nature. I think it shows something very basic about him and I consider it a rationalization, though perhaps not a fully conscious one. But it just seems so insincere of him.

  • GeorgeSorwell

    A noteworthy feature of this tempest has been the call for tolerance by the intolerant.

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