Azle,Texas is a small town, about 10 miles northwest of Fort Worth, with a population of about 12,000—about 93 percent white and 4 percent Hispanic.

It is suddenly in the national news.

The reason: one of its residents has posted a “Hispanics Keep Out” sign on the front of his or her home.

Reportedly the sign has been up for months.

According to, “Many residents said they would like to see the sign, which has been up for months, taken down.”

When asked by a TV reporter knocking on the door, the woman who answered said “Well, you know, I don’t care…I’m upset about them coming over here illegally, too.”

And, “We think this is our privilege as an American to protect our property…This is our property.”

When the reporter asked her if it would be better to post a sign that simply said “Keep Out,” the homeowner said, “I don’t want to keep out everybody, okay?”

Azle police say that the sign does not violate any laws and is an expression of freedom of speech, “However, it’s an expression the mayor said is not shared by most in town.”

I respect the right of the Azle resident to display the sign on her home.

I respect the resident’s freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

And I also know, and respect, the fact that the Azle resident does not have to explain to me or to anyone why she has posted the sign, or what she means with the sign

As a Hispanic, however, I would like to have the opportunity to ask her whether she includes every Hispanic in her “Keep Out” message.

Including those Hispanics who have served in our military services.

Including those Hispanics who are right now serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect Americans, including the Azle resident.

And, if it were possible for them to visit her home, including those Hispanics who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country—a country that includes, Azle, Texas.

Perhaps she is concerned about her personal safety, and wants to protect her property.

Perhaps she means to keep out only “illegal” Hispanics.

Perhaps we are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Perhaps all these questions are irrelevant.

Perhaps it’s none of my business.

Perhaps all of the above.

What are your thoughts?

Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist
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My thoughts are: If that is all the sign says and If it’s the resident’s own property, then the resident has a Constitutional right to put the sign up. If people don’t like it then they can look the other way. Yes people have a right to be dipshts.

How can freedom be freedom if it cannot also be a little offensive sometimes?


Totally agree!


What a pathetic comment you just made. If this is what your thinking is, then it also means that “Jews stay out” in Nazi Germany would be fine or, “No Blacks allowed” would be ok too! She has constitutional right that’s ok..but for people like you to say “if people don’t like it then they can look the other way” is ridiculous.

What a racist idiot she is. I am not hispanic, and I HATE illegal immigrants too. But what the hell she mean by “Hispanics keep out”? Why target entire hispanic community? Someone should sue her for making comments of racist nature or at the minimum, I hope her employer reads these comments and kick her or her husband out of the job..There is no space for racist pricks in this day and age.


Regardless of whether or not she has the right to display the sign, it’s pretty hard to imagine what anyone would hope to gain with such backward and ignorant behavior. That said, we know there are plenty of folks who “thrive” on negative attention.


I would support her right to free speech. I would also support the rights of those who do not agree to use their right to free speech to call her a racist idiot.


The issue with the latin population is not really about their heritage. Americans are chafing under the continuous innundation of hispanic culture, language, music, festivals, tv stations, and radio stations. The demanded cultural sensitivity, the waving of foreign flags on our soil and endless assaults and finger pointing when we show signs of the fact that we are getting tired of it. The vast majority of us can trace our own heritage to somewhere else in the world because previous generations emigrated to the US. They came here to be Americans. To become citizens they had to learn English and they did. There were no Polish, German, Italian, French, or Tegali language radio and TV stations. Various heritage festivals are still popular, like “Octoberfest”, but the goal of previous generations of immigrants was to become Americans. The hispanic community demands that we change for them. The various organizations preach ethnic sensitivity but at the same time, our own society loses a bit more of the American identity that was forged by our multi-cultural ancestors and folks are fed up with it. This country needs to consider what Theodore Roosevelt said: “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.” We can hold closely to this statement but why should we when we seem to be the only ones who have to compromise.


Please! explain one thing what is a hispanic?


CtL, I think you make some valid points, which is to say I agree that we all need to try and be Americans first, and to celebrate the cultures we came from second. That said, there is no good excuse for blanket predjudice based on ethnicity or skin color.


I could make a real excellent case for the natives that were robbed, murdered, raped, addicted to a potent drug and are still considered semihuman by about half the people who live around reservations that they have a real damn good excuse for blanket prejudice based on ethnicity or skin color.

On the subject of service, I could never count the number of natives living on the street that hang around the VA and proudly roll up a shirt and show a Marine bulldog or an 82nd Airborne or other tattoos. Every time I stop to give them whatever they want, they always say proudly “they called me chief.” I lived in “the gut” in Phoenix for nine years. Whenever a familiar face showed up and I felt flush or someone had told of some bad luck they had had, I’d hold out two or three dollars.

True pride is when you are veteran native american living on the streets in summer in Phoenix and you say, “No, you always give me a dollar, that is all I’m are asking for.”


Oh, CtL, I am soooo sorry that you have to hear someone else’s music, and that burritos are now on many menus. That must be such a horrible thing for you to endure. I’ll cry every day for your pain. In addition to Corona and folklorico music, I also know how awful it must be to eat sushi and see Japanamation cartoons, go to pizza parlors and bagel shops, or to see all those foreign films. St. Patrick’s Day should be spent in mourning for the death of Americanism.

Only sloppy joes and American Bandstand in my house! We celebrate only the 4th of July!



“I also know how awful it must be to eat sushi and see Japanamation cartoons”—

No, just Mexican National backward Crap. I for one one would appreciate the civility and introspection of the Japanese people over the wild west slaughter of Police/Military gunfights in the street from a people behaving like they are only half a decade out of donkey herding.



I agree with you. The problem is undoubtedly TO MANY TO SOON with regard to Central American mass flooding into our country. (I won’t call it imigration)

Saying this, I am a Liberal, (On nearly all issues), but to much is just too darn much! We cannot handle this and we need to start pitching them out in masse`. They are steadily turning our nation into the third world crime & corruption horror that exists south of the border.


The person wasn’t that clever about being controversial if the sign was in English rather than in Spanish.


Holy cow, Father_Time, that is so racist I can’t even believe it. F’ing DONKEY HERDING? Too much wrong to unpack there, buddy.


“Americans are chafing under the continuous innundation of hispanic culture, language, music, festivals, tv stations, and radio stations. The demanded cultural sensitivity, the waving of foreign flags on our soil and endless assaults and finger pointing when we show signs of the fact that we are getting tired of it.”

Absolutely. What people find offensive and repellent is the “multiculturalism” and associated radical attacks on US culture (not limited to older white males, though most heavily directed thereto), and at Western culture in some cases. This “multiculturalism” disgraceful misconduct even has alienated liberals like the late Democratic New Deal dinosaur Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who wrote a book about it before he died (in defense of the USA, of all things). Schlesinger in particular attacked the worst (the most radical) of the multiculturalist attacks, but the public faces insults all the time, such as dealing with voice menus or governments that first ask which language the person (here, in the USA) requires.


How in any deity’s name does it affect you one iota if someone asks you what friggin language they speak? How is this an “attack” on anyone? What the hell is wrong with you people? What “cultural sensitivity” is anyone demanding from YOU besides your not being a jerk about how someone else chooses to live?

Look, any largely poor group — whether recently arrived in the country or not — is going to come with some things like crime and lack of education. This is not new, and it is not inherently Mexican in any way, shape or form. Happened with the Italians, the Irish, the Jews. Other than that, if someone wants to eat food they like, listen to music they like, and continue to speak a language their grandparents can understand, while working to learn English, what in the world is wrong with that?

Seriously, sometimes the commenters on this site make my head explode.


[The person wasn’t that clever about being controversial if the sign was in English rather than in Spanish]

That is probably the best point I’ve read.


“Seriously, sometimes the commenters on this site make my head explode.”

That’s more revealing and remarkable about you than about any commenters.



[Holy cow, Father_Time, that is so racist I can’t even believe it. F’ing DONKEY HERDING? Too much wrong to unpack there, buddy]

How many times do I have to point out to you people that Mexican is NOT a race. It IS a Nationality. Get it yet? You can’t just slip that past and hide under racial protection against all negatives. Won’t work “buddy”.

I don’t give a damn about their skin color, or music or whatever. I just do NOT want more and more of there third world gangs and corruption and criminal behavior. I certainly don’t want cop against cop gun battles in the streets here like we see EVERYDAY in Mexico! We cannot help them assimilate if they come TOO MANY TO FAST and WE SUFFER from their inability to assimilate. We don’t want to be Mexicans or we would go to Mexico…get it yet??

As for this silly woman with the sign who knows what here motive is. We didn’t get all the facts.


I believe what CowtownLady is referring to would be for such things as Spanish-only classes in elementary schools, immigrants not learning English (and expecting us to understand them), etc.

As roro80 pointed out other immigrant groups have come to America in the past and have gradually assimilated.

But each assimilaiton has been difficult with “Americans” fighting the latest wave of immigrants.

The way I see it is that the people will continue to come to the US. As they gain in visibility and exert their right (as full citizens) to have their needs met (such as fighting discrimination) the “Americans” will always fight them. Both sides will do stupid things and demand stupid things. But it’s a process and in time (a few generations) it will be just one side…. where everyone is considered an American. And then they’ll be united against another group “taking over” America.

I’ll take roro80’s statement about freedom of speech rights to heart and I’ll call the Azle woman a racist idiot. It’s clear she is one. But there are actions in the Hispanic movement which rankle me and as those examples pop up I’ll comment appropriately. Though since I see it as a long-term process I don’t get riled up by idiotic actions on either side by a few people. What WOULD be alarming to me is if the sherrif had said that most people in the town felt the same way as that woman and that Hispanics were not welcome.

If I could say anything to that woman it would be, “They contribute as much to America as any of us, they’re here to stay so get over it.”

BTW: I looked very briefly at the Azle website and it’s one of those “master planned communities”. I would wonder why anyone would want to move to such a place. Though I suppose it’s fine if your life consists of golf.


“How many times do I have to point out to you people that Mexican is NOT a race. It IS a Nationality. Get it yet? You can’t just slip that past and hide under racial protection against all negatives. Won’t work ‘buddy’. ”

What in the world does that have to do with anything at all? So you can say that Mexicans are donkey herders and that’s not racist because “Mexican” isn’t a race? Is that what you’re getting at?

“We don’t want to be Mexicans or we would go to Mexico…get it yet??”

Who is asking you to be Mexican? Nobody.

“I just do NOT want more and more of there third world gangs and corruption and criminal behavior.”

Again, every single ethnic group — including the ones now considered “white” — that has come to this country since its inception has had the same problem. The problem is not with the Mexican-ness of Mexicans; it’s very much poverty-driven. Get it yet?? If you don’t like gangs (er…who does?), then maybe you should phrase your comments 1) not in reply about cultural aspects (sushi thing) and 2) not using disgusting and offensive stereotypes about Mexicans.


“That’s more revealing and remarkable about you than about any commenters.”

Yes, I know I should be more thick-skinned toward mind-blowing stupidity on race-related posts after as many as have been here in the last few days, but I guess it’s just the optimist in me that wants to think that people are better than that. I’m one of those i-expect-more-from-my-fellow-human sort of people.


Too bad some commenters have forgotten that their ancestors brought all sorts of traditions here that have been assimilated into American culture. We’ve only been at this for about 300 years, while other cultures get to lay claim to thousands of years of tradition. Of course, racism and distrust of “others” is also a long practiced tradition in many countries and cultures. But we are the U.S., we’re supposed to be better than that.

Maybe we need to change that plaque on the big green lady in New York.



[What in the world does that have to do……]

Now you are twisting my words to suit your hypocrisy. Conversation ended.


D. E.Rodriguez–

Give me a break. We are NOT asking them to come here, ..”your poor tired hungry etc..”. We are trying to keep them OUT because there are TOO MANY.

We have a right to defend ourselves against an alien invasion whether it be THE WHITE BRITISH Army in 1814 or 40 million uneducated Pedro’s now bowling us over for a job. Both are a threat to our nation’s stability.

—And you can make your further subterfuge arguments to the wife and family of the American Hispanic Border Patrol officer Murdered by Mexicans LAST NIGHT in San Diego County….Since I know you will side with the uneducated Pedro gangs that murdered him.


Father_Time said “40 million uneducated Pedro’s now bowling us over for a job”

1) Your use of the possessive ‘s’ is incorrect. I assume you intended to say “Pedros” as in many people with the name Pedro. I believe that you may be extremely uneducated because english is your first language and you do not even know how to use it.

2) “Hispanics Keep out” — is very insulting to the many men and women of Hispanic origin that serve this country and who entered legally. This sign is overbroad and insults many people who are not derserving of such condemnation.

3) Many people have commented that past immigrants were forced to become “American and learn English.” I would like to state that the assimilation of many americans happened over generations. That Italians, Germans, ect. were very much discriminated against when they first arrived as well. That comments being made now were made against them as well. Many Italians in particular were riducled because of their accent and inability to speak english.

Please educate yourself before you speak. It makes you sound stupid.


Uneducated “Pedros?” Father Time, you are about the lowest, stupiest, tiny *icked cretin I have ever come across….. I hope when you have your heart attack, the EMT is a Hispanic, who remembers your name….. suddenly that defibrulator is going to malfunction. Damn. Lost another white cracker brain dead redneck. Oh, well.


As you wish, Father_Time, but I would like to point out that I was simply asking what you meant by stating that “Mexican” is not a race, and how that mattered in any way to the conversation. I was asking in earnest. The only explanation I could come up with was that you thought it wasn’t racist for you to classify all Mexicans as donkey herders because “Mexican” isn’t a race. If I am twisting your words (for my hypocrisy? interesting…), by all means please clarify. Or don’t.


strange thing after reading the comments went back and re-read Praise Song For the Day by Elizabeth Alexander—perhaps it is relevant —maybe not?

Praise Song For The Day
Each day we go about our business, walking past each other, catching each others eyes or not, about to speak or speaking. All about us is noise. All about us is noise and bramble, thorn and din, each one of our ancestors on our tongues. Someone is stitching up a hem, darning a hole in a uniform, patching a tire, repairing the things in need of repair.
Someone is trying to make music somewhere with a pair of wooden spoons on an oil drum with cello, boom box, harmonica, voice.
A woman and her son wait for the bus.
A farmer considers the changing sky. A teacher says, “Take out your pencils. Begin.”
We encounter each other in words, words spiny or smooth, whispered or declaimed; words to consider, reconsider.
We cross dirt roads and highways that mark the will of someone and then others who said, “I need to see what’s on the other side;;I know there’s something better down the road.”
We need to find a place where we are safe. We walk into that which we cannot yet see.
Say it plain, that many have died for this day. Sing the names of the dead who brought us here, who laid the train tracks, raised the bridges, picked the cotton and the lettuce, built brick by brick the glittering edifices they would then keep clean and work inside of.
Praise song for struggle; praise song for the day. Praise song for every hand-lettered sign. The figuring it out at kitchen tables.
Some live by “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”
Others by first do no harm, or take no more than you need.

What if the mightiest word is love, love beyond marital, filial, national. Love that casts a widening pool of light. Love with no need to preempt grievance.
In today’s sharp sparkle, this winter air, anything can be made, any sentence begun.
On the brink, on the brim, on the cusp — praise song for walking forward in that light.

Elizabeth Alexander

DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

Well well well “FatherTime”,

Just to set the record straight for you Father Tinky, you can stop using the royal “we.”

Im white, male, and it’s not even a little hard to push right back and strongly disagree with your less than high school version of your OWN people’s history.

Too much, too fast? Your own mongrel ancestors were too many and came here too fast too Tinky.

Why the hell do you think the INS HAD to have quotas on your own people. Too many of YOUR kind, too fast. Yeah. Stop whining FT about things that have in no way affected your privileged big rear end. Pretend suffering is laughable. Save it for something in your own backyard that is BIG. In other words, grow a pair.


Both Cowtown Lady and this woman with the sign don’t even know their history. There have been Hispanics in Texas before it was even Texas. They never moved they just stayed there when the U.S. border moved.

Secondly Cowtown Lady is wrong. European immigrant groups lived in their own neighborhoods and had their own newspapers and sent their kids to their own schools. They got the same comments back then that Mexicans got back now. People were afraid that they weren’t assimilating and that they were threatening American culture. Italians and Irish were turned away by jobs. But they assimilated just like everyone else does (usually by three generations). The only thing is they have the advantage they have of being white and “blending in”. Americans don’t see Hispanics as the same way as we can see with this lady and her ignorant sign. But Hispanics have been in North America very early in history.

America has NEVER BEEN a monolingual nation, in fact monolingualism is very rare globally. There are many different language communities and many cultural groups and that’s what makes America great. Too bad other people don’t feel the same. I’ll gladly eat all the tacos, moussakas, and injera bread that you don’t want!

(I can’t believe someone actually talked about being forced multiculturalism. Are people that ignorant of American history?)


Ya know, as she said in the interview, she has a problem with illegals, as every citizen of the USA should have a problem with it.

Its her right to free speech, as is your right to insult her and call her racist (IMO I call her a true american, having an issue with illegal aliens). Yes, I’m aware that not only hispanics are here illegally, but they are the majority.


Does the message include Puerto Ricans? Puerto Ricans are automatically U.S.-citizens by birth, because Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory for more than a century. During the Spanish-American War of 1898, the U.S. invaded Puerto Rico, occupied it, and ceased it as part of its territory, after defeating Spain. For many years, the island had been heavily used by the U.S. military for bases, practice ranges, secretive projects, etc. Also, many Puerto Ricans (inside and outside of the island) had proudly served in the U.S. military, including dieing for our country (the U.S.) Reiterating my question, does the message include Puerto Ricans?


I believe people have the right to behave anyway they want, this is America, and that’s what freedom is all about! I just hope that one day one of their loved ones doesn’t need a transplant; the donor may be a Hispanic; better yet, an illegal one.


Just try to say keep out Jews, or Blacks and White, ….BIG OUTCRY. I’m Indian,n America is our property let all no Indian keep out of our LAND !!!!!


Cowotown Lady is factually mistaken. There was indeed a niche, ethnic, foreign language market for film and radio in the first 4 decades of the 20th century. The arrival of homogenizing, big capital eventually ate up those markets. In the case of the Southwest the porous borders and the economic needs of both the US and its Latin American neighbors kept up the demand for Spanish language programming. Additionally the drive towards assimilation was stalled as American-born generations of Latinos were bolstered by new arrivals and by pre-existing, non-immigrant Hispano communities in Texas, New Mexico, etc.

There is also a more striking problem with her reasoning. She writes that “Americans are chafing under the continuous inundation” of other cultures. The truth of the matter is that for many in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, the border moved but they did not in the 1830s. their longevity in the region makes them as American as any other American. Thus they, too, can claim the mantel of American. Here rhetoric uses a slight of hand that renders ‘white’ Americans normative and everyone else as a johnny come lately when in fact the nation has always been plural as a result of conquest and immigration


Saw the video of this. She is a bitter old white trash. This country does not belong to white people. Only Native Americans can claim this is their land. Thanks to White man for killing all of them
There are illegal immigrants in this country from different continents. This is a land of opportunities and is attracting lot of poor people. You cannot blame poor people who are flooding into this country for livelihood.

I see lot of people say she has right to say what ever in her property then if no time there will be some other idiots hanging the offensive signs about different groups that they dislike.
She is openly exhibiting her racism and it is totally legal !!!!!


It seems that Americans are forgetting that they have come to a foreign land. They have killed the Native people- Native Americans to make their own space. If they remember this little but significant horrible past, they will keep their mouth shut about expressing their freedom.

Most of the white people who say they are American must remember that their ancestors had invaded this land. Most of them live in denial!


I’m pretty sure that if a Latino person in a small Texas town put up a sign saying “whites keep out,” their house would be burned down within a week. This is just yet another example of white privilege, and a pretty disgusting one since that land was stolen from the original inhabitants.


Most points have already been spoken and/or repeated. Fyi Joe22, the word English, Italian, German, etc are all proper nouns and therefore must be capitalized. Otherwise, very well spoken.

My folks are Spanish, as in from Spain. I was born in Knoxville, TN and they educated me in English as my first language. The funny thing is now I live in Florida and there are many people of Latin ancestry here. I would say 99.9% of know how to speak the Spanish language. This alienates me from them, and yet the vast majority of White persons alienate me as well because of my appearance. Though in their defense (or perhaps not), they treat me much more normal upon hearing me speak and/or becoming friends. In fact, in my youth I became a White Supremacist’s friend and thereby actually I believe I had turned him from that belief. It’s somewhat easier I suppose when you meet someone who is very much like you.

My point is this whole article, and concept is about a pre-disposition toward races, public media hype, and a perhaps lonely woman in a far off small town. I disagree with her, but I fought for her rights as well (yes USAF vet here). Races… she assumes Mexicans sum up the entirety of Hispanics. Public media hype… why the heck are we talking about this anyway… this is so miniscule. Lonley woman… perhaps she just needed to meet a ‘me’.

In other regards and as previously posted… being who I am, Hispanic and all, I can’t stand the illegal immigration problem… it’s not a White problem, a Black problem… but it’s an Asian, Native American, and all other race and nationalities problem… perhaps Hispanic more than any. Hispanics perhaps should not be grouped together… why are we anyway? You don’t have to call Mexican a race, but have a Mexican and a Spaniard stand side by side… anyone can notice differences… and beyond that, hopefully she just meant illegal Hispanics. Again as said before, that’s one group we should all be mad at…. especially us Hispanic lineage, ex-military vets, proudly English speaking, culturally assimilated Americans.


p.s. my apologies for rambling… I think I really like this site, I’m going to have to come back more often.


If this sign said “Blacks Keep Out” The nation and every African American organization would called it racist and they would pressure her to take it down. Why is this different because the race is different? If she wants illegals out the sign should have read “Illegals Stay Out” since they come from every country.

But of course this country always takes about 50 years to figure out how to be civilized.

The Hispanics will be forced to unify to make a difference in this country and it won’t be long.


Hopespringeternal said: “Yes, I’m aware that not only hispanics are here illegally, but they are the majority.”

Actually this statement is not entirely true. (Please read the section on immigration). The majority of illegal immigrants in the US actually overstay their Visa. These illegal immigrants — who overstay their visa — come from various parts of the world and are far greater in number than illegal immigrants of Hispanic origin.


Dear Wydo
Those of us who are Mexican Americans ARE Spanish and Native American.

I can hardly wait for compulsory DNA testing of those who say they are ‘pure’ whatever. Too many brutal conquests, too much need, and occasionally, love that grew underground.

Stand beside you and see the difference? Really? I dont believe most of our readers would see a difference if you and I stood side by side, other than that you appear to be a man and I am a woman.

The woman who has the sign in Texas, is the only one not represented in this conversation herself. I wish she were. What you think she ‘needs’ may not be so. My hunch is, since this news story hit, she may be in need of privacy more than anything.


I, too, respect her right to say what she says. As a Hispanic soldier in the military, and having served overseas with my life on the line…not once, but twice, and another time next year…I am proud to defend these rights. I don’t agree with her, but that’s the beauty of America. I, too, feel her frustration about illegal aliens, not just from Mexico, but Asia, and elsewhere. I just don’t go and put some sign on my yard. She should just word it a little different. I am proud to be Hispanic and proud of my heritage, as well. I’m sure that at one time in our American history, there was some Native American with a sign on his yard saying “White people Keep Out.” America is made up of a lot of different people, colors, races, ethnicities. Prejudice is ignorance. I am proud to be an American living in a country where you don’t get thrown in jail for voicing your opinion – as ignorant as it may be. Proud Hispanic serving in the military.


I’m rather sure she doesn’t mean “all Hispanics,” but illegals.
Living in Texas, she and her townspeople have seen the streams of millions of illegals coming through, and settling in, their neighborhoods. And let’s face it, crime has increased as they’ve come, AND hospitals (who are bound to accept all patients regardless of their ability to pay) have gone belly-up).
I can totally understand this lady’s anger, hurt, disillusionment. In a way, seeing how we allow so many illegals in breaks my heart. I think about my grandparents who came here from Greece, who found a new life–who LOVED this country and who said, “Now we are Americans!”
Recently at work, a patient who said that he “hates” America, asked me: “If Greece and America had a war, who would you fight for?” I said, “America!” He was shocked. “But you are Greek!” I said no, I was born here. AMERICA is my country. I will fight for her! And this loyalty is what I don’t see when I see the illegals. It’s a huge shift, a cracking in the earth, and is very sad. I totally feel for this dear lady.


” It’s a huge shift, a cracking in the earth, and is very sad. I totally feel for this dear lady.”

—– Please save the dramatics for drama class. Although there is a very real threat of cross border violence, I think your labeling of illegal immigrants as American hating crime lords is pathetic.

“I’m rather sure she doesn’t mean “all Hispanics,” but illegals.”

—— If she meant just illegals then she could have easily said that.

” I think about my grandparents who came here from Greece, who found a new life–who LOVED this country and who said, ‘Now we are Americans!'”

—- Many illegal immigrants would love nothing better than to become Americans. That’s why many protested for amnesty. It takes a lot of guts to leave everything you know behind and leave to a foreign country where you do not know anyone and the language is foreign. I would describe that as love. They look to america as the beacon of opportunity. They want a better life for their kids. They want to be American just like your grandparents longed to be American.

You seem to feel very empathetic for a racist bigot but lack empathy for immigrants. This is a “very sad” and a “cracking of the earth” as you would put it.


Dear Joe, you’ve got your own share of drama, dude :)
Umm, yeah. You’re right: I feel no pity for folks who barge into another people’s country, take their social services, never bother to learn their language, scare the inhabitants, and then demand citizenship!
And hello, it takes NOTHING to be a slacker, to never bother learning the language of your host country, to steal and cheat.
And amnesty? Of COURSE they want amnesty. They were too lazy to enter the country the honest and legitimate way, and so “amnesty” only makes it easier for them to stay here!
Yep, you’re right!


I’m going to put a sign on my lawn, except mine will say Blacks, illegal hispanics, and people that can’t speak english, KEEP OUT!


Do you think illegal Hispanics would be able to read that sign? Stupid is what stupid does.


“Pity” is a very different word from empathy. I used the word “empathy.” Please look that up in the dictionary so that we may have an inteligent discussion.

As I stated earlier, the assimilation of people takes many generations. I am sure that when your grandparents came to the USA they did speak English right then and there. If you are a student of history you would understand this. Moreover, you would understand that because of racial biases in the US it has been harder for people of color to assimilate because of obvious reasons. Nonetheless, I would imagine that the same bigotry that you demonstrate was also used against your grandparents when they first immigrated to the USA. I find that sad.

“Steal and cheat” — I agree that a minority of illegal immigrants steal and cheat…just as a minority of Americans steal and cheat. This is the statistical simmilarity for any segment of the population. However, many illegal immigrants simply want to live the American dream. They want their children to have a better life than they did. Its that same dream that your grandparents had. In fact, many illegal immigrants pay taxes. This is well documented. They do not even have to pay taxes yet they chose to do so under a regulation of the tax code that allows them to pay.

I am assuming that when your grandparents entered the US it was legal. During your grandparents time it was MUCH simpler to enter the US. There is probably no difference from the amount of exertion that you grandparents made to enter the US as the amount of exertion that illegals use to enter the US. So under your “logic” your grandparents were also lazy. However, I disagree.

“Yep, you’re right”….thank you for acknowledging that you’re wrong.


Remember 1492…..
then, history books will never tell us the following:
48 million indigenous peoples of the “NEW WORLD” were killed…..
yes, someone else called them Indians.
it is time to get over all of the misguided racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic separations.
It is 2009?



I think she has the right to put up anything she wants in her property. It’s freedom of speech. I am hispanic and I wouldn’t get offended if I see a sign like that. However, I would definitely think that someone ignorant and uneducated lives in that house – I’m also free to think however I please :)

And Stavroula, I sort of understand your point but I have to agree with joe22. Also, wouldn’t you agree that putting a sign like that would just make her a very easy target for those “crimes” you talk about. If she really wants to release that anger in a positive way, she should seek other ways.


Have continued to think about what Dr. E. stated and it has given me a bit of a holy tremble thinking about what has likely bounced back on this woman from Texas. . . .mercy!
“The woman who has the sign in Texas, is the only one not represented in this conversation herself. I wish she were. What you think she ‘needs’ may not be so. My hunch is, since this news story hit, she may be in need of privacy more than anything.” Dr. E.
What a lesson in karma, put up a sign for a minority group of people to “KEEP OUT” and what does it do but attract the whole darn country into a skirmish about the violation of all kinds of subtle and not so subtle “rights”. . .
In the invisible world it is said all minds are connected. . . . .
If true what it must be like to have hundreds of thousand in controversy cluttering her mind space. . .
Phew! Karma or the law of return on steroids!
Maybe we could send her a little love?


She explained herself by stating that her problem is with those hispanics that come illegally. Unfortunately, that is NOT what the sign reads. “Hispanics keep out” is directed towards all hispanics. It is extremely offensive to any American citizen who happens to be hispanic.

If she wants to address the illegal immigration issue, why not make a sign that reads: “Illegal Hispanics, keep out”?

My guess is, the lady is actually a big racist, that can’t stand hispanics in general, but was too much of a coward to admit it on national television, probably for the fear of getting lynched.


Hispanic,Spanish,Latino there so messed up they don,t even know what to call there own culture. 12 million illegals that don’t make them immigrants it makes them criminals and trespassers they should be “shot”. My grandmother was an Italian immigrant can I speak Italian. NO. Would I want to speak Italian NO, My own 84 yr old mother can’t speak Italian would she want to, I don’t think so. Her mom did but only her mom and who learned to speak English because people who IMMIGRATED were proud to be American and assimilate to the American way of life. America first. Your other culture should be left behind. For you idiots out there we’re not talking about pizza or burritos. We’re talking about how one acts,speaks,beliefs, wrights and what flag they wave. Where I come from it better have 50 stars. O ya again for you idiots out there, there is still only 50 states NOT 51. As far as they little ole lady in Texas she summed it all up Hispanics keep out she could have said SPICS or BEANERS keep out. Now that would be ignorant. She has only exercised her freedom of speech and in Texas if that don’t work the 2nd amendment does. So if there is any trouble from Spics,Beaners,Hispanics,Latinos or Spanish she should just shoot there Asses perfectly legal in Texas too. See how they and the bunny loving liberals like that. God Bless America !!!!!!


NotaWOP: “Hispanic,Spanish,Latino there so messed up they don,t even know what to call there own culture.”

So… how do you identify yourself? As an American? Italian-American? Have you ever identified yourself as Italian? Or if you’re from New York, as a New Yorker (or whichever city you’re from? Do you consider yourself of “European descent”? These are words which can all be used to describe you, just like the words, “Hispanic”, “Spanish” and “Latino” can be used to describe people from various regions or countries.

Such descriptions can be based on nationality i.e. Spanish or Italian, or a broader geographical area i.e. Latin America or Europe.

So before you say that certain people don’t even know what to call their own culture, is there one word which you have always used to always describe yourself, given the options I mentioned above, i.e. America, Italian-American, etc.?