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Posted by on Jun 17, 2006 in At TMV | 8 comments

Highest-Rated Talk Show Hosts

Talkers Magazine, THE magazine for the talk show industry, has a list of talk shows, ranking them by audience share. It’s a given that Rush Limbaugh will be number one…no surprise there. But when it comes to progressive talkers, guess who’s the highest rated — in the Top 10?

Which Air America host is it?

In fact, it isn’t an Air America host.

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  • Ryan S

    I like how Dr. Laura and Howard Stern are right next to each other. Imagine the explosion that would happen if you put those two in the same room.

  • Salmineo

    I do not believe talk radio is relevant anymore. It had a peak, but now its falling away again like in the 1980s. Just look, 13 million? Compared to TV and the internet? No, the new political “interactive” is the internet. Don’t invest in talk radio would be my advice.

  • Elrod

    Wait a minute. Limbaugh doesn’t have 20 million listeners?

  • Scott_api

    Salmineo – You say 13 Million is a low number, and you may be right, I wouldn’t know.

    However, I seem to remember that the audience for Cable news evening shows is measured in millions, but in single digits (2-3 million for top shows). I did a quick Google on it, but cannot find any numbers right now. If I am remembering correctly, than 13 million is huge.

  • Kim Ritter

    Talk radio has a huge influence. Elrod is right when he claims there are 20 million dittoheads that listen to Rush. They are convinced that the MSM is slanted too far to the left to be accurate, and so many don’t watch network news.
    I believe that conservative talk radio has helped the conservative movement in the same way the internet has helped the progressive movement. Talk shows like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can actually brainwash people into taking positions that are to the right of where they normally would be on the political spectrum.

  • Elrod

    I am mocking Limbaugh’s claim that 20 million listen to his daily trash. 13 million may be a lot of people, but it’s a far cry from 20 million. Maybe that was before he became a drug addict.

  • Kim Ritter

    We can see through him and recognize that he is much more biased than the MSM he claims listeners need to circumvent. But the fact that he has both longevity, and credibility with so many listeners gives him political clout. I think the dittoheads are a bunch of know-nothing idiots, who like the way Rush reinforces their ignorant views, but that doesn’t mean that his show and conservative talk radio in general doesn’t influence the political landscape. It does.

  • Julie

    Hi Joe.

    I noticed nobody has answered your question. It’s Ed Schultz, who is with the Jones Media Network (I think that’s the right corporate name). Were you asking to see how many of your posters actually KNEW what a) progressive talk radio was, and b) the corporate structure of syndicated radio shows?

    Rest assured, some of us know. I hope you didn’t lose any sleep. LOL.

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