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Posted by on Jun 17, 2009 in Media, Politics, Religion, Society | 7 comments


U.S. Senator John Ensign of Nevada recently admitted to an extramarital affair. We have gone through this many times before with other elected figures under different personal circumstances, including the failed impeachment of President Clinton. Some people who have inherited the faulty combination of prurient and puritan genes are getting themselves all worked up in a tizzy over something that is none of their business.

History has proven that some of the most philandering and sexually slimy characters make the best leaders. In contrast, many of the most religious and unexciting officials have turned out to be uniformly disastrous politicians. Some people argue it is a question of “trust” but whose trust and for what purpose? The spouse is the person aggrieved who has had her trust shaken. When the situation involves unmarried individuals having dalliances with other adults of the same or opposite sex, then others of the morality police will scream hypocrisy or general fornication. The silliest arguments bring up the need for proper role models, as if our sports and entertainment figures are not dysfunctional enough for our impressionably stupid children.

It has become all too evident over the past two decades that politicians are more beholden to their largest campaign contributors than to their own families. They will fight for the interests of the wealthiest 10% of their constituents rather than consider the long-term best interests of 90% of the American people – on issue after issue. (Of course having voter turnouts between 30 and 60 percent in most elections permits our politicians to ignore many of the public’s needs.)

Who are more damaging to the vast majority of citizens and our country’s best interests? Politicians that are corrupted by money from special interests, or politicians that have poor self-control in sexual matters? It would be preferable to have one continuous televised orgy of sex and debauchery in Washington so long as our representatives voted in the best interests of the vast majority of Americans. Instead we have false piety and fidelity in personal matters as most throw away their souls and legislative votes to the special interests with the most money.

The press should be fully investigating the all-too-obvious nexus between large campaign contributions and the voting records of our U.S. representatives in Washington. Perhaps this work would be too difficult and boring for the Media in light of its current dedication to the 24/7 info-entertainment industry. Instead it has been far easier to investigate the sexual peccadilloes of our elected officials and endlessly follow the meaningless lives of our celebrities. We can’t solely blame the press because too many Americans prefer it that way – so they do not have to actually take some responsibility for the many large messes we face as a nation.

Sometimes I think following the news is just a waste of time – except I can console myself by reading a few Internet sites that provide good investigative journalism and the insightful commentaries on really important current events by the writers on TMV. I also take comfort in the realization that the majority of Americans are not paying much attention to the Internet News Media – or to anything else of consequence.

By Marc Pascal in Phoenix, AZ

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  • DdW

    Here We Go Again, Marc.

    I’ll say the same to you as I said to Patrick on a similar post.

    It is NOT about the sex, or whatever sleaze. It’s about the hypocrisy:

    “It’s not the mistakes people make. Everyone makes mistakes. Both Democrats and Republicans.

    It’s the sheer hypocrisy that is so blatant. People who condemn gays, demonize gays –even legislate against them–performing gay acts or being gay themselves. You know who they are

    People and a Party who so loudly and righteously tout moral values, family values, religious values, then totally ignore/trash those concepts and commit heinous acts.

    Is this perhaps the reason we no longer hear the loud, shrill, self-righteous clarions of family values, moral values, “compassionate Conservatism” ?

    Yes, I know, one doesn’t have to be “pure” to promote pureness

    But when so many of those “promoters” and enforcers of our morals turn out to be totally impure,amoral, they begin to lose some credibility…”

  • Rambie

    Well said D.E. Rodriguez

  • tidbits

    And, I’ll rephrase what I said earlier. The guy got laid. Who cares?

    As for the hypocrisy angle, we are all hypocrites at some level at some point in our lives. Show me a politician who has never been hypocritical.

    Having lived in NV for four years, I always regarded Ensign as a “do nothing”, “go along, get along” pol. At least he has finally done something noteworthy, other than funneling federal money to every military base that flanks a brothel in central NV.

    Frankly, I don’t care if the guy lounges around in women’s underwear watching NASCAR every Sunday. But, I do care how he votes. Kudos for making that point, Marc. And, yes DER, life would be more pleasant if the right would stop the holier than thou routine.

    Still, it is the substance of a person’s mind, not his/her sexual inclinations, that matter. Michael Harrington, author of “The Other American”, one of the most influential books on poverty in America was, purportedly, a rascal of a cross dresser. That does not denegrate the power of his intellect or the influence of his work.

    So, a politician got laid. Didn’t know ya had in ya, John. Now, you and your wife go work this out…in private. The rest of us should be tracking your voting record.

  • Jake123

    There’s some irony that the ones who stake out the highest moral positions are the ones who literally get caught with their pants down

    When Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinksy was exposed in public, John Ensign, the Nevada Republican, now a possible contender for the next presidential race, declared it “an embarrassing moment for the country”. He also went on to say about Clinton: “He has no credibility left.”

    Now it is Senator Ensign’s turn to bring embarrassment on himself and his party with his admission yesterday of his infidelity with a former staff member, known to be Cynthia Hampton.

    Much is being made of Ensign’s hypocrisy: he is a member of an evangelical church promoting fidelity, he has spoken out about the illicit sexual behaviour of other politicians, and he represents the conservative right of the Republican party that upholds the values of the family and heterosexuality as central to its political platform.

  • DdW

    “The rest of us should be tracking your voting record.”

    Yes,for example the voting record of a person who supports legislation detrimental to gays, while he himself is probably gay, just to placate his far-right constituency, just to get the votes, just to get re-elected.

    And that goes directly to what you say so eloquently :”… it is the substance of a person’s mind…that matter.”


    No, tidbits, it’s not about sex, it’s not about “if the guy lounges around in women’s underwear watching NASCAR every Sunday.” And it’s definitely not about being a “cross dresser.”

    It’s about character! It’s about the substance of a person’s mind.

    Well said.

  • tidbits

    Ensign has resigned as chair of the Republican Policy Committee.

  • pacatrue

    I understand the arguments from both sides, but I have a really hard time getting all excited about this. (Um, I mean politically. 🙂 ) If we know a guy sleeps around on his wife a lot, and then does it again as a public official, he’s a better guy than someone who doesn’t sleep around a lot, condemns it, and then does it later when a public official? Maybe…. We have to assume a lot of stuff about a person we’ve never met to make this determination, and do we really want to spend our time digging into his marriage so that we can make this important moral judgement?

    Just vote for stuff that helps the nation and the rest is up to you.

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