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Posted by on Aug 7, 2007 in Guest Contributor, Politics | 31 comments

Guest Voice: Questions For The Candidates

NOTE: The Moderate Voice runs Guest Voice posts from time to time by readers who don’t have their own websites, or people who have websites but would like to post something for TMV’s diverse and thoughtful readership. Guest Voice posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Moderate Voice or its writers. This is another Guest Voice by Alex Hammer.

Questions For The Candidates
By Alex Hammer

For Hillary Clinton:

What are you FOR? You’ve gotten a long way criticizing the current Administration on everything (your husband’s Administration in my opinion was better but far from perfect either). Although I am very unsympathetic to the actions of the current administration, I feel that in your running for President you’ve overdosed on always being against, against, against. How you define yourself as a leader and in other ways is too much in comparison and contrast to others. A little of that is indeed helpful, but to repeat myself, what are you FOR?

For Barack Obama:
You know, I’m sure, that you’ve never really addressed the issue of your (lack of) experience. You say that you have a lot of experience as a community organizer and state legislator, etc., but we all know that’s not the same thing. Not that we necessarily want a Mr. Insider at this point, but we’d like a little more credible explanation. You are extremely articulate and bright, and also innovative (for example in your use of interactive technology in your campaign) but you haven’t lived up, in my view, to being a different type of politician. In too many instances in fact (e.g. your recent statement regarding Pakistan, Joe Anthony, feud with Hillary – including leaked memo you apologized for) you seem just like a typical politician.

For John Edwards:
What’s up with the poverty tour/hedge fund/trial lawyer thing? And when I heard recently that you run 4-6 miles per day (on top of a Presidential campaign!), all I could think about was how your wonderful wife Elizabeth, stricken by cancer, and your family I feel must need you now. More than the country needs you.

For Mitt Romney:
Why are you strapping your dog to the hood of the family car during a long trip, and then not responding about this incident seriously? I understand (from the limited amount I have read) that you are an extraordinarily talented and capable businessman, but a bit ruthless in business in the past.

For Rudy Giuliani:
I lived in and around NYC for all but around six months of your tenure of Mayor. I thought you were a disaster. You do possess some significant talents. Frankly, anyone that is inclined to vote for you I suggest that they first study your Mayoral record carefully. There is a lot there that is not significantly reported by the National press as you run for President.

For Fred Thompson:

You’re too new to the race, so you get a pass for now.

For John McCain: Are you still in the race?

Was I too hard on them??

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