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Posted by on Jun 24, 2008 in Politics | 7 comments

GOP Wipeout ?? Not So Fast….

Political pro Stuart Rothenberg has a very interesting post up today where he calls into question the idea that things are going to be a disaster for the GOP in November. He does not give entirely encouraging news to Republicans, pointing out that the Democrats are certain to gain seats this November.

But he points out that things have seemed to improve somewhat for the GOP and that they might not do as badly as some had thought/feared/hoped.

Rothenberg is always worth a read and has been fairly accurate and non partisan over the years.

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  • aba23

    Those’re some mighty sweet lemons there.

  • kritt11

    Uh, he’s not mentioning the landslide that will be taking place in the House, or the fact that the GOP has to defend more open seats than the Democrats in both Houses, due to the extraordinary numbers of retirements, with a diminished amount of campaign cash.

    Well, at least there are fewer Republicans under indictment this election cycle thanks to the removal of key US Attorneys who were doing their jobs too well, LOL.

  • RememberNovember

    All we moderates ask for is a balance so the bird can fly in a straight line once in a while.

  • superdestroyer

    That the Republicans are not competative in LA after the disaster of the Democratic leaderhsip in that states says everything about the failures of the Republicans. People will vote for incomptent Democrats before they will vote for a Republican.

  • DLS

    More than sixty Democrats in the Senate is something else that’s anticipated.

    * * *

    Do you believe that the GOP will recover or regain if they take this man’s position?

  • Rambie

    It was the GOP’s show from 2000 to 2006. They only have themselves to blame, yet they continue to finger point and blame others.

  • kritt11

    SD- Uh- the GOP leadership in Alaska is just as corrupt as it is in LA— yet Sen. Stevens has been in power for many decades. AND LA did elect a Republican governor.

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