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Posted by on Jun 16, 2011 in Politics, War | 7 comments

GOP War on “Obama’s Wars”

Three years ago, Barack Obama was campaigning against dumb wars while John McCain was musing about staying in Iraq a hundred years. Now Republican hopefuls pound the President about military moves in the Middle East even as John Boehner warns him to get Congressional approval for his action in Libya by this weekend or face being in violation of the War Powers Act.

Behind this scramble of traditional hawks and doves is the emerging theme for 2012: Everything Obama does is wrong, including going to war and getting out of it.

A New York Times report puts it politely: “The hawkish consensus on national security that has dominated Republican foreign policy for the last decade is giving way to a more nuanced view…

“A new debate over the costs and benefits of deploying the military reflects the length of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, the difficulty of building functional governments and the financial burden at home in a time of extreme fiscal pressure.

“The evolution also highlights a renewed streak of isolationism among Republicans, which has been influenced by the rise of the Tea Party movement and a growing sense that the United States can no longer afford to intervene in clashes everywhere.”

Sounds good as far it goes, but politics, which used to stop at the water’s edge, is in the depths of demagoguery and sound bites on a subject that deserves serious debate.


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  • “..on a subject that deserves serious debate.”

    I’m game. What have we gotten out of all the military interventions after WW II (undeclared wars)?

    For that matter, what benefit has it been to those countries?

  • superdestroyer

    Who cares what the Republicans believe when the Republicans have zero influence of politics and policy.

    What is more important is why are the progressives Democrats who said that they would never make the mistake of defending the Democratic president no matter what he did, now making that mistake.

    If the war powers act is meaningless, then does the rule of law mean anything n the U.S. At least Bush II went to Congress and got premission. Why should the progressives expect the same from President Obama.

    I guess the progressives are too busy reading Sarah Palin’s e-mails to pay attention to what the Obama Administration is doing or to even pay attention to policy.

  • superdestroyer


    South Korea exist today because of intervention of the U.S. The same could be argued about Kuwait and Bosnia.

  • Don Quijote

    South Korea exist today because of intervention of the U.S. The same could be argued about Kuwait and Bosnia.

    And the upside for the US is?

    Do you think that the existence of Kuwait & Bosnia improve American security or interest (how ever you want to define it) in any way?

  • casualobserver

    Too bad the archives don’t contain the comments sections. I would readily demonstrate that Tmv’s token “Republicans” commenting here back in 06 and 07 have been “nuanced” for many years…long before the formation of the Tea Party or comments being made this year.

    I remember cstanley, austinroth and others criticizing Bremer’s move to dissolve the Iraqi army and other moves designed to make Iraq operate like a flag territory instead of making them sink or swim on their own. I like to characterize it as we were not against the notion of war, but were against the way the war was being conducted. I think we felt that if you’re
    in it, you might as well win it or exit. So, yes, we were proponents of the surge concept early on, but never the continuation of funding a fiasco.

    As for Obama, I actually give his clever notion of prosecuting war by remote control to avoid running afoul of WPR a tip of the hat. He has probably made Cheney green with envy for dreaming that ploy up.

  • bluebelle

    The real problem is what Obama campaigned against– the uber-partisan win at all costs mentality that has most if not all politicians putting party over country.
    The very same people who objected to Bill Clinton’s intervention in Bosnia, turned on a dime and supported George Bush’s unpaid for attempts to spread democracy in Iraq, even though the objective was vague and a successful outcome was much more difficult. There was all the propaganda about those who did not support the war “coddling terrorists” and encouraging another domestic attack.
    Now that a Democrat again is in office the GOP is condemning his efforts in Libya, and suddenly remembers that the unitary executive model that Cheney so dearly cherished had a statute of limitations that expired in January of 2009.

  • superdestroyer


    Bush II went to Congress before invading Iraq. Also, the Democrats spent eight years calling the Bush Administration a criminal enterprise.

    However, now that the Democrats are in charge, the rule of law has suddenly become unimportant to the Democrats and Democrats try to weasel word their way out of laws and regulations like they always do.

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