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  • jwest

    When will Bush and Cheney stop creating hurricanes?

  • AustinRoth

    jwest – this is not a Bush/Cheney hurricane; it is the opposite, the Wrath of God against them.

    I mean, would ChimpyBushHitlerHalliburton and his evil side-kick, Shotgun Dick, send a hurricane that could damage the oil companies rigs?

  • jwest

    I’m sure they were aiming this hurricane at some black people, because as we all know, George Bush hates black people.

    As far as the oil rigs being damaged, that’s just an excuse we republicans use to dump massive amounts of oil in the water so that ducks die. As everyone knows, republicans hate ducks.

    (Damozel is already writing the headline, “Republicans Admit Hating Blacks And Ducks”)

  • AustinRoth

    Republicans hate Black Ducks!

  • runasim

    Shaun is being too controversial again He brought up that political hot potato: weather, and now it’s a wingnut playground,

    Put on protective gear, Shaun, before you onsider using controversial words like sky, flower, or apple pie.

  • DLS

    It’s global warming doing this and it’s ALL BUSH’S FAULT!!! Waaahhhhhhh!!!!

    Meanwhile, in the real world — it’s not looking good for oil refining and oil prices if you’re a buyer (consumer), is it?

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