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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Politics | 8 comments

Glenn Greenwald: US Should “Be On Its Knees Begging” That Nothing Happens to Edward Snowden


Hubris is the only word that adequately sums up Glenn Greenwald’s threat saying that the documents fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden stole could be the ‘worst nightmare’ for the U.S. In my opinion, Glenn Greenwald’s morality is running on empty right now.

“Snowden has enough information to cause harm to the U.S. government in a single minute than any other person has ever had,” Greenwald said in an interview in Rio de Janeiro with the Argentinean daily La Nacion.

The U.S. government should be on its knees every day begging that nothing happen to Snowden, because if something does happen to him, all the information will be revealed and it could be its worst nightmare.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin made it very clear that Edward Snowden could be granted asylum in his country as long as he stopped leaking damaging information. With Glenn Greenwald’s yapping, it’s very clear that Edward Snowden’s goal was to damage the U.S., contrary to his statements when he waved a white flag yesterday because he came to the realization that he was boxed in.

Glenn Greenwald’s self-serving comments won’t get Edward Snowden any sympathy. Those comments will get him killed and could force Russia to renege on its asylum request due to increased pressure from the U.S. Glenn Greenwald’s comments just reinforced my opinion that Edward Snowden is a traitor.

This was cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette.

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  • dduck

    Interesting, GG’s ego may be becoming inflated while he accumulates FF miles.

  • sheknows

    What is going on?? GG certainly wants everyone to think he has a tiger by the tail and he is the ONLY one that has access to “world shattering” information.
    All he is doing is creating more problems for Snowden in his attempt to make himself important. He will probably be first on the spot with the scoop when Edward Snowden is kidnapped and or killed. Well, that’s what the newspaper business is all about. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.


    SheKnows — He’s making it harder for Edward Snowden on so many levels. The Russians keep saying they haven’t received an asylum application from the human rights activists on his behalf. It seems that Putin offered him asylum believing that he would probably never have accepted the conditions. Human rights activists have little pull in Russia, as evidenced from the fact that they are subjected to raids and harassment by the government. I think Edward Snowden is walking into a trap that the Russian government is setting. He may very well be handed over to America.


    DD — Yeah, his ego is getting the better of him for sure.

  • Not knowing what Greenwald actually has – it could be all egocentric posturing on his part – I’d slow down on calling Snowden a traitor.

    Yes, I understand that “traitor” is the epithet thrown at anyone who disagrees with national policy. Pete Seeger, MLK, Jr. come to mind. We Americans have always had a neocon side to us that says “love it or leave it”…agree with everything or you will be branded treasonous. Remember Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks after she went after Bush/Cheney over the Iraq War. “Shut up and sing, Bitch” was the actual quote though many left off the B-word when reporting it.

    Traitor is too poisonous a word to be throwing around loosely. Do not forget the damage done in the name of that word (traitor) by the likes of Sen. Joe McCarthy and the House Unamerican Activities Committee. Those who do not learn from history…and all that.

    Just my view.

  • Jim Satterfield

    Sorry, tidbits, but if in fact Snowden has truly damaging data that he illegally acquired from the NSA and he then took that data to China (Don’t tell me how independent Hong Kong is.), then to Russia and now he’s seeking asylum from countries like Venezuela then traitor wouldn’t be that inaccurate.

  • sheknows

    Hi Jim. IMO, Snowden didn’t PLAN to wind up in Russia or be left with no choices but Venezuela and Russia at the end of the day. I am sure you know Hong Kong’s reputation for defending human rights so that was a choice he and others made initially. Proved to be a bad one it would appear. If he was a REAL traitor, he would have handed over all of this information to Russia and/or China WITHOUT going public don’t you think? That’s the way most traitors handle it.
    He got caught in a web of ever tightening threads from our government as well as from the very people who were supposed to help him initially and have apparently led him right to the spider.

  • slamfu

    “Glenn Greenwald’s comments just reinforced my opinion that Edward Snowden is a traitor.”

    How is it possible for anything Glenn Greenwald says to make Snowden more or less of a traitor or not traitor? It would appear that Snowden if he does have such information has not leaked it to our enemies. Don’t let anything a pundit like Greenwald says confuse the issue or the facts.

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