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Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 in Crime, Featured, Guns, Media | 4 comments

For mass shooters, achieving fame, or infamy, is a frequent driver


At the epicenter of the nation’s latest mass shooting in Oregon, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin says the motives of the man who fatally shot 9 people on a college campus Thursday are not known. But Hanlin, who says he will not “glorify” the perpetrator’s name by uttering it on national television, has suggested one factor…

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  • Suicide by police is also a frequent driver.

  • Lorie Emerson

    I guess my concern is that unless we change the underlying cultural dynamic, these guys will turn to other methods. Suicide bombs, for instance. It’s not that I don’t believe that we need some basic gun control policies in place, I think we do. I just don’t know that it would change these types of incidences.
    One of my concerns is that we have some of the same dynamics in play that we see in ME countries with high social unrest. High male youth unemployment. People feeling alienated from the political process. Add to that our worship of ‘false idols’, which I believe is endemic to our culture (from teen idols, to money, to preachers, and some politicians).
    It’s daunting.

  • Michael Colosimo

    I’d say I would have to agree with not allowing the shooter’s name on national TV, because then other mentally psychotic people will realize they will not be famous after killing people and that they will not be glorified. In my opinion, if our country makes it that when people try to buy a firearm, they have to go through a background check before being able to buy it, it will help prevent insane/psychotic people from having the opportunity to kill innocent humans. It’s not the gun that kills the people, it’s the person who pulls the trigger who does.

  • dduck12

    Why not call people like this the shooter, bomber, stabber, or whatever. The news media deserves some blame for giving these people more notoriety. Look how many times the shooter is mentioned in this very article. The MSM is not trying hard enough, IMHO.

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