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  • Rudi

    Totten is an unbiased independent writer / blogger who is loved by the Right. I follow him as an independent voice with his boots on the ground. He is a voice like Steven Vicent, who died in Basra writing about a war he supported. Now that he sides against Israel he will be labelled a traitor. Some may even call hin a “Mordechai Vanunu”.

  • SnarkyShark

    This is just another case of lashing out.

    We will kill us some Arabs. Not because those Arabs did anyhting in paticular, or were invlved in any way with whatever percieved wrongs committed against us.

    No, we will kill them because it makes us feel better, more manly.

    Because we can!

    ps..if we can kill some Persians too, so much the better.

    I never did like that Alladin story, and those 40 theives have got to go.

    JDAMs for everybody! Put it on the Chinese credit card. We’ll be dead and our grandchildren will get stuck with it!

  • Rudi

    Snark thought your comments were taken over by a troll. Linked over to Kos, you stirred up a hornets nest there. Pat Langs blogg is a little better than LJ, both coblog on the others sites. Totten’s blog turned off the comments due to the venom of both sides. I did follow Totten lately so I don’t know how vicious it was there. Israel-JDAM Hezbelloh-(unguided WWII era Katyesha rockets) We probably gave the JDAMs as part of our aid package.

  • Rudi

    I read the comment over ta MJT and don’t see why he turned off the comments. Some were tough on personal friends in Lebanon, but I’ve raed worse here at TMV. Part of the problem is that both Left and Right expect a monolith response, some on both sides are raedy to eat their young whenthey stray from the party line.

  • SnarkyShark

    We probably gave the JDAMs as part of our aid package.

    Pretty much any Lebanese(or Canadian) who gets blown up is getting blown up by something that says made in the USA.

    And the Arab steet knows it.

    And stirring up a hornets nest was not my intent.

    I am a slave to the truth. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but damnit, Larry didn’t even need to put that in there. It pisses me off. Larry should have damn well known that the wingers jump all over the slightest little mis-step.

    He can afford to hang out in his ivory tower I supposse, but I stepped on a land mine he forgot to clear and got blown up.

    Do you know how much it sucks to get pw3nd by the likes of Chuckie Johnson?

    I would rather get my teeth drilled without any painkiller.

    I have learned, believe me I learned.

    If a troll wants to claim my nome-de-guere, then I feel sorry for the poor bastard. I have lots of enemies ready to slip in the knife. Some in the real world even, like those black SUV driving goons who took my pictures on that hot dusty day in Crawford.

    But I gotta be me.

  • Rudi

    I forgot all the guided missiles, tanks and technology we have given to Israel. The poor-poor pro_Israel crowd forgets Netanyahu and his poissoning of the Hamas leader, Mossad just shooting hom would make him a matyr. The Arab terrorists are only playing with toy rockets given to them by Syria and Iran. The Israeli artillery has better accuracy and firepower than those old WWII rockets.

  • Salmenio

    WHY is it taking so damn long to get our poeple out?!

    Are our people being played as political pawns of some sort? I’m getting real pissed about this.

  • Pyst

    Snarky, Rudi, give me links I gotta see what kinda hornets nest Snarky poked with the proverbial stick for myself.

  • SnarkyShark

    I assume Rudi is referencing my diary at Kos

    Not a huge shitstorm, but a bit of a bru-haha

  • SnarkyShark

    WHY is it taking so damn long to get our poeple out?!

    Maybe if we asked real nice, isreal would hold off killing Lebanese civilians and Canadians for 18-24 hours so we could evacuate foreign nationals from the north

    But refering to why it is taking us so long? Don’t forget these are the people who brought you Katrina.

    I don’t expect too much, and I’m never disappointed.

  • SnarkyShark

    BTW, the Katrina planning commitee that is our administration is planning to send the Love Boat over there.

    Are we taking bets on wether the Isrealis will go all USS Liberty on it first, or will the Neo-cons skulkily blow it up to get us into the war Lustiana style?

    AQ better hurry if they want to get in on the fun.

    Me? I wouldn’t set foot on that boat.

  • Snarky, I will post here what I posted in the other comment section:


    I noticed different things, but let me start with this comment:

    It’s important to point out factual errors. Especially when the use of such errors could distract from the larger issues and diminish one’s argument. The poster is simply trying to point that out. The response from Johnson and others here is very disappointing.

    Very good response from that commenter: I agree completely.

    On to something else. You seem to be afraid – somehow – that you lost credibility. To me, you didn’t lose credibility. You didn’t check your facts, but believe me, we all make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake now and then. It’s human.
    But, because you brought that article up, it was important, as I see it, to point the inaccuracy of Johnsen’s post out. It was a sign – to put it mildly – that LJ was writing it with a clear intention.
    The tone of my post might have been a little bit aggrevated because, well, I was.
    Again, to me you didn’t lose credibility at all and as long as you don’t attack people on their character, I am always grateful that you take the time to respond at TMV.

  • Oh and stop calling me a neoconservative.

  • SnarkyShark

    Oh and stop calling me a neoconservative.

    OK, but it was my impression that was your philosphey. Neo-liberal? Dutch guy?

    I’m a supposed godless liberal marxist and all, and its hard to tell the players without a scorecard, so what tag do you want to claim?

  • SnarkyShark

    Also, did you find that Cow who kept calling me petulant as annoying as I did?

    I swear it was all I could do to remain civil to her.

  • Rudi

    Your view of things is right off the pages of PNAC/AEI. Did you go into morning when Kristol shut down that bastion of wisdom. I wacthed Kristol on CSPAN yesterday. I think he is one of those Israeli-Americans that Sal foams at the mouth at. I am trying to find a transcript to verify something – Later.

  • Chippedchips

    Rudi..whaddaya wanna bet all Syria’s and Iran’s rockets are stamped made in China and Russia? Maybe even stamped made U S A…that would come as no surprise to me. Our U S arms manufacturers sell to all comers even if they have to do it under the table deals like they did back in the reagan 80’s war between Iran and Iraq.

    Funny thing about bullets, bombs and other weapons as they pile up higher and higher..if they’re not used up..they just rust away….can’t have that… too expensive and wasteful.

  • Snarky, I’m a liberal conservative. Some differences:
    I believe the government should make sure every child is able to get a good and affortable for everyone, education
    I believe everyone is entitled to heath care treatment and the government should take care of it
    I believe it is none of the government’s business to decide what’s moral values should be lived by
    I believe that although we should fight terrorism in the West, we should not sacrifice our rights.

    Just a couple of points.

  • by ‘taking care off’ I don’t necessarily mean that the government should be active in those areas itself. If it’s better / smarter / more effective to privatize certain things that should, of course, be done.

    Well, these are a couple of points I differ from compared to neoconservatives.

    Oh, one more thing: Neoconservatism believes that people are too stupid to decide what’s morally right and what’s morally wrong and therefore the government should decide it (based on tradition).
    I strongly disagree with that.

  • Pyst

    Good Mikey, you seem to understand what our current government is doing to us then.

    Now post something, ANYTHING, that isn’t from the GOP point of view (I do recognize the stem cell post as a departure btw), or about praising Israel for a little while ok? We are getting a constant overload about Israel, and NEED something different.

    How about the goings on of EU since you live there?

  • Pyst: well, you got half of what you asked for. I posted about The Netherlands, but not politics simply a major event and posted about something I don’t agree with Bush on… but it’s again about the stem cell bill.

    I am always on the look out for interesting things that happen here, but especially in the Netherlands… politics are plain old boring to be honest. It always seems like there is always, every day, something important going on in the US, that’s not so in the Netherlands / Europe.

    I only write about things, btw, that I’m passionate about (either positively or negatively).

    Be sure though that if I notice something interesting I’ll write about it. In the Netherlands Parliament is on vacation now. In november elections will be organized in the Netherlands, so you can expect quite a lot of posts about the Netherlands in the coming months, probably so much that you beg me to write something about Israel again!

  • BTW: If more people would enjoy reading more about Europe just let me know, I am more then willing to write about it of course.

    michaelpeterfolkert**** at ****

  • Pyst

    More about Europe PLEASE!

    We get more than enough Israel farted today updates from Holly, even when nothing major was going on there.

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