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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in At TMV, Politics, Satire | 6 comments

Don’t Let Congress Come Back!

Congress has adjourned for five weeks. This outfit behaves like the French used to do, the French in Paris, for heavens sake. Close down completely in August and go to the beach.

A lot of real Americans no longer even eat french fries because of French opposition to our great Iraq adventure. And now our own Congress is behaving like those…those…those foreigners!

Something has to be done.

So here’s what I propose. We don’t let Congress come back to Washington after its members do their fact finding tours on Nantucket or Antigua. We form a hand holding around the city and keep ’em out.

They want a five week vacation in summer? And another long one around Christmas? And a few more during the year? Then they give us this kind of legislative behavior? No way, Renee. I say we just add to their vacation schedule and fill in the gaps between present long vacations with more vacation time.

I figure if we just extend every law already in place we won’t have to worry about these dingbats making things worse.The Republic might survive. We let them come back, all bets are off.

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