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Posted by on Apr 16, 2016 in Environment | 2 comments

Don’t let Antarctica’s size fool you. It’s melting faster than ever.


Scientists have long warned about the potential for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to dump an incomprehensible amount of ice into the sea as global temperatures rise. But their warnings were generally about a future hundreds of years away. Now, a new report suggests that future could be much closer. It found that West Antarctic melt…

photo credit: Nice Ice via photopin (license)

  • JSpencer

    Nothing to see here, just a global disaster in the making. Move along citizen…

  • Bob Munck

    A fact to keep in mind is that melting ice is a SERIOUS sign of warming. The heat energy needed to change a block of ice at 0°C to water at 0°C is EIGHTY TIMES the energy needed to raise that water from 0°C to 1°C. (Note that the ice and water are at the same temperature, even though a huge amount of heat has been added.)

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