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  • bacci40

    Not if Pelossi ends up as majority leader….if she does, the dems will have made the same error the republicans made when gingrich became speaker…she is an opposition leader…she has fulfilled her purpose…it is time for her to step aside and allow someone else with friends on both sides of the aisle to lead.

  • Kim Ritter

    I agree. Also, she seems to lack strength within her own party, and was unimpressive in her appearance on the Sunday talk shows. She has the ability to galvanize Republican voter turnout in ’06, but not turnout in her own party.

    Further, the Dems may win in ’06 but lose again in ’08, and bouncing from one end of the political spectrum to the other hurts our country. We need stable, centrist leadership, even if party extremists are disappointed.

  • Elrod

    I don’t think Pelosi will galvanize turnout in either party. Nobody knows who she is.

  • Kim Ritter

    Elrod–Her name and political leanings are being broadcast all over conservative talk radio, in order to turn out the Conservative vote in ’06. Twenty million ‘dittoheads’ listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show alone—I used to think the only people who listened to that crap were a few right-wingers on the fringe of society. But that is no longer true. Every day, Sean Hannity tells listeners to tune in so they never have to hear the name “Speaker Pelosi”. It could be enough to affect a close election.

    I wish the Democrats would elect a stronger candidate-like Steny Hoyer-he’s moderate, smart and has a lot of experience. Plus, he’s already the minority whip. I think Republicans consider Democrats like Pelosi and Dean a gift, because they will scare Conservatives into voting.

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