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Posted by on Aug 26, 2008 in At TMV | 23 comments

DNC: “Discourse” with Michelle Malkin, Did the MSM Get It Right?

First, scan this from The Denver Post online:

Protesters at a Recreate 68 event at the Denver Mint this afternoon swarmed conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, circling around her and shouting at her until she left the area.

Malkin, a blogger, syndicated columnist, sometimes Fox New commentator and author of a controversial book defending racial profiling in the war on terror, showed up at the event to “levitate” the mint shortly after 5 p.m. today. She said she was there for work.

Protesters, led by 9/11 truther Alex Jones, seized upon her appearance, soon crowding around and leading to a brief shoving match.

“Get out of here Malkin, you shame!” a red-faced Jones shouted.

Police mostly stood by, and Malkin eventually left, as Jones followed.

Then, look at this video and see if you might agree, that MSM version of reality versus us ‘outside-the-DNC bloggers’ version of reality don’t quite match up. The film was shot by fellow-traveler peoplespresscollective: name, “elpresidente.”

I admit, it is heart-starting, or else heart-stopping, to see/hear/smell a big big man bellowing and smelling of acrid excited sweat, so close that his spit is literally spraying you. It is also stunning to see the laughing cruelty of the ‘mad hatter’ man who began dancing to his own giggly chant of ‘Kill Michelle Malkin.’ All politics aside, how can this possibly be discourse? It isn’t even quality street theatre. I’m convinced it is for more than one, an addiction of crack proportions…. to using the glass lenses of the cameras, as one’s only mirror.

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  • Cannonshop

    Apalling. First off… observe- the “Discourse” is exactly what a lot of people who despise the Left side of the Aisle expect. This type of behavour is known as “Bullying”. It is not “Discourse”…. discourse involves reason, it involves confronting someone’s ideas, and it most certainly does NOT rely on being bigger, more physically intimidating, and having one’s buds backing one up when facing down one, single, little, skinny, asian woman armed with a CAMERA.

    This is the kind of behaviour that one normally expects from SKINHEADS, it is thuggish, disgusting, dishonourable, beneath contempt.

    Foul, Moral Cowardice.

    • dshizzle

      This post is entirely inaccurate. First of all, Recreate 68 and Alex Jones have nothing in common, nor anything to do with each other. He was not there to levitate the building. He was there to document the event when he saw Michell Malkin who wrote a book condoning the internment of American citizens.

  • WritingAthena

    I don’t see any discourse happening. I see verbal assault, physical assault, inciting to riot, sexual harassment, making threats, intimidation, etc. I don’t hear any exchange of ideas–I hear a ranting, raving bully pursuing a woman through a crowd, refusing to respect her right to peaceably observe a “peaceable” assembly.

    I did notice a fellow protestor doing his level best to intervene between the bully and his intended victim, seeking to remind him (by trying to shout him down) that this is (allegedly) a ‘peace’ movement.

  • Ugly stuff. Left, right, center, sideways, whatever, this isn’t discourse. And knowing Michelle Malkin, she’s going to have a field day with this against the left. BUT she was verbally assaulted and intimidated so….

    And as a big guy (6′ 4″, 275 lbs, but a teddy bear since my football days are over), I’m constantly aware of how I engage people in conversation. I’m not a big fan of Michelle Malkin but I would have approached her in a MUCH calmer and MUCH more professional way (respecting her space and her right to be there).

  • GeorgeSorwell

    Alex Jones is, in fact, a figure of the far right.

    Jones was most recently in the news for hosting Jerome Corsi, author of the best selling book that claims Obama is a secret Muslim, on his radio show.

    Jones is best known as a 9/11 truther. He belongs to that part of the right that fears the secret activities of the government to steal our liberties. As such, a book like Malkin’s “In Defense of Internment” is a red flag to him.

    I agree with T-Steel. Malkin will be using this to bash “the left”. Even though Jones is a man of the right, something that I found by using Google for two minutes. We’ll definitely see how the MSM reports on that.

    As for the guy in the tinkerbell hat who shouts “Kill Michelle Malkin” a few times before someone tells him to be cool–I imagine his fifteen seconds of notoriety will be on Fox News all day.

  • SteveK

    GeorgeSorwell said: “Malkin will be using this to bash “the left”. Even though Jones is a man of the right, something that I found by using Google for two minutes. We’ll definitely see how the MSM reports on that.”

    These facts deserves to… no MUST BE repeated over and over and over again! Wing nuts will spin and spin and spin it (facts be damned) into something that it is not .

    Thank you George.

  • Since there will apparently be nothing of substance going on inside either of the conventions, I suppose we may as well focus on the nothing of substance going on outside of the conventions. The chief players in this little drama are all loons, though of different flocks. They are not actually involved in the process of what’s going on inside, so they attempt to draw camera time outside by behaving as outrageously as possible. I’ve seen the “plans” (do a Google search on “Zombie” and “convention” and “Michelle Malkin” to see what I mean) and what’s going on is clear. Malkin was not outside of that hall to cover “the convention.” She’s there looking for the most damning footage possible to try to paint the protesters as “unhinged” and “far left” loonies. So, of course, with her very presence being an incindiery attraction, the protesters delivered exactly what she was looking for in spades. In the end, they boil down to competing camps of noisemakers adding nothing to the nation’s political discourse for this election.

  • GeorgeSorwell


    I agree with you–Malkin went out to star in an incendiary video that could be hyped by right-wing noisemakers all night and all day.

    She found some useful fools. No surprise.

    Her unhinged supporting players are, however, actually right-wingers. (That’s not necessarily a surprise either.) I doubt she expected that.

    I doubt it matters to the noisemakers.

    But shouldn’t it matter to the rest of us?

  • GeorgeSorwell


    I’ve been enjoying your comments here, so thank you!!

  • jwest

    This is such a typical display of the left’s idea of free speech, it’s hardly worth reporting.

    Go to any college campus or public forum where a conservative is speaking and you will find the same type of assaults happening. Liberals cannot win rational arguments; they must resort to shouting down anyone with views that differ from the party line.

    Such a sad exhibition of mindless hate.

  • Ricorun

    Such a sad exhibition of mindless hate.

    Interestingly, that’s often my reaction to what Malkin says.

  • Well slap me silly. So this could have been staged???? If so, I take back the “verbally assaulted and intimidated”.

    I need to use Google more.

  • SteveK

    George said: Alex Jones ( ) is, in fact, a figure of the far right ( ).

    SteveK said: “These facts deserves to… no MUST BE repeated over and over and over again! Wing nuts will spin and spin and spin it (facts be damned) into something that it is not .

    THEN jwest said: “This is such a typical display of the left’s idea of free speech, it’s hardly worth reporting.”

    JWEST! It seem you have problem getting getting beyond wingnut talking points OR reading comprehension OR following simple links.

    Please try again… I look forward to your reply.

  • RememberNovember

    The guy was a bit of a loose cannon. It’s Michelle’s right to be there , just as it’s probably this guys right to hang about the RNC convention. He was instigating and confrontational. though I woudn’t doubt that he was a possible shill. The depths these “pundits” go for gotcha videos.

    I love the 9-11 is an inside job bs. If you want to talk inside jobs, talk about America’s choice of aiding and abetting dictatorships for political means.

  • jwest


    You’re old enough to know that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in Wikopedia.

    Alex Jones is the nutcase who came out with the “Bohemian Grove” story about Bush 41 taking part in a “New World Order” ceremony. He’s a 9/11 truther. He thinks Cindy Sheehan’s phone was bugged yesterday.

    If this guy is right wing, he’s so far right that he’s looped the circle and ended back up on the left.

    But, Alex Jones aside, the truth remains that left wingers cannot seem to manage civil discussion were their views are questioned. I could list dozens of incidents at colleges throughout the country concerning conservative speakers being attacked and heckled, but you have good Googling skills.

  • blacmkouth

    Make what you will of Alex’s nuttiness he’s the only one with the balls to confront these people and call them out for who they truly are. Research Malkin’s book and look into her words used after the 2001 September attacks.

    And before your decide watch the whole video of the confrontation. When you realize that this is not a game and that we need to confront Fox’s cronies only then will things truly change.

    read this page on Alex’s site regarding the confrontation with a youtube of the incident.

  • SteveK

    jwest said: “But, Alex Jones aside…

    jwest this thread is ABOUT the antics of Alex Jones… With “Alex Jones aside” there’s no story…

    Ms Malkin went to “the enemy camp” to try to CREATE a story about ‘left wing’ intolerance… She ended up finding ‘right wing’ intolerance.

    This seems more than jwest can wrap his mind around so he tries to change the topic, ignore this story, and write about something that doesn’t challenge his preconceptions of what happened.

    jwest, “You’re old enough” to open your mind but it requires commitment and the ability to question your own beliefs while you question the beliefs of others.

    I wish you well.

  • jwest


    You are absolutely right.

    After watching the video again, I found myself outraged at the provocative way Michelle Maulkin was standing, walking and taking pictures.

    How dare she?

    Of course, my point that conservatives are assaulted with regularity at speaking engagements by liberals was totally off-point and irrelevant. I don’t know how my warped right-wing mind could have linked the two events.

    And yes, Alex Jones must be a right-winger. It was right there on the internet, so it must be true.

    I guess it’s just impossible to get anything by the left – you’re so much smarter than the rest of us.

  • lurxst

    I am pretty sure Malkin fully expected her little fishing expedition to lure in some of the more vocal and flamboyant protestor types, she needed them to give her something to talk about. I noticed she didn’t post any pictures of the other rallies and groups that were out on the streets. Boring.

    The beauty of the internets is that it allows the anti-social to socialize.

  • GeorgeSorwell

    And resentment doesn’t require evidence.

  • jwest: Though the man himself doesn’t seem to believe this, some of Ron Paul’s biggest supporters are “New World Order” conspirators like Alex Jones. Who is Ron Paul? Oh yea, he considers himself a conservative.

    So YES, a conservative can act like this. Particularly one who thinks government’s gotten so big it’s gone all New World Order on us, ready to imprison everybody.

    Disclaimer: So I don’t get Jazz trying to slap me, I’m not painting all libertarians as conspiracy nuts. Just saying that he has a small but vocal group of conspiracy loons that supporting him in addition to the mainstreamers.

  • spirasol

    For myself, it wasn’t much fun to watch. Group discourse frightens me for the potential of loss of control, such are hanging posses. the guy screaming for Malkin’s death is in a trance, and such trances can suddenly become contagious. I would have been very frightened if I were her. As for left or right, there are plenty rabid droolers on both sides, including between protesters and cops. I do take a tiny bit of pleasure, surely from the immature side of myself, for wanting to yell too at any Fox Tv rep. Most media no longer does real news, but FOX outdoes them all.

  • Pclages

    I’ve never cared for crowds – it’s too easy for the idiots to act like, well, idiots. Alex Jones seems to love posturing, and confrontation. Having said that, I liked his video ” Endgame”, which I thought was thought-provoking.

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