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Posted by on Feb 2, 2007 in Politics | 7 comments

Dick Morris at Pajamas Media

Pajamas Media published an interview with “America’s most famous and/or infamous political prognosticator?” – Dick Morris.

He predicts that the Democrats will win in 08, quite big even, that Hillary might / will become President, the she will “mess it up” though, the Republicans will – then – win in ’10 and ’12.

Although he first thought that Hillary has the democratic nomination in her pocket, he changed his mind a bit: it might become more difficult for her than anticipated.

Edwards might go a long way, according to Morris. “I think that Edwards will be in ’till the end… He could well be a serious challenge to her [Hillary]. What he is trying to do is to re-create the Lamont-Lieberman fight, with him as Lamont and Hillary as Lieberman.”

Obama: not President… but VP.
“Obama is like a stem cell. He can become any part of the body he wants to be.”

“He can become the new Democrat that Hillary wanted to be and that Bill Clinton was when he won the nomination.”

Two big changes in voting behavior according to Morris: “the big change is the environmentalism of the young vote. I think that this are kids that went to school, who learned about global warming in school, learned about green issues, and are growing up heavily environmentalist” and… “the growth of the Hispanic population”. “I think that the Republican party alienated them with their anti-immigration stuff, and with the anti-amnesty stuff as many people called it, and I think that that drove the Hispanic vote back into the arms of the Democratic party”. If you look 10 years from down the road, African-Americans and Hispanics combined are going to cast over a third of the vote, and you’re going to see red states like Texas flip, like California did, and become permanently blue states”.

Dick – of course – makes some good points, but I disagree with him on a number of things, one of them is about Hillary’s ability to be a good President. He predicts that she will “mess it up”. If there is someone who – in my opinion – won’t mess it up, it is Hillary. She has a lot of experience, she is surrounded by the best of the best, her husband is a former President who is still highly popular, both domestically and abroad, the list goes on and on. If I were American, and I wanted to be ‘safe’, I’d consider voting for her.

Besides, can one mess it up more than President Bush has messed it up? I’m far from anti-Bush, but the reality of the situation is that he is not exactly America’s best President ever.

Anyway, for those interested: it’s a good readwatch over at PJM. Go check it out for yourself.

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  • A pundit from the party that has been consistently wrong on everything, on the chances for Hillary to win in 08…
    However, interesting that even the Pajama meansters seem to have given up on the GOP.

  • kritter

    Not only has the party been consistently wrong, Dick Morris has been consistently wrong. He is also virulently anti-Hillary, having hated her since he was in her husband’s administration. Is he trying to stir up the anti-Hillary sentiment in his party?

  • Kim, he does know a lot it though, so it is always worth listening to him: just filter out the nonsense.

  • kritter

    MvdG- Yes he does know a lot, but he is in essence a political gossip. Maybe I’m betraying the effects of a generational gap, but I still remember when pundits lost credibility and their reputations when they were wrong. After being discredited, they would actually have the grace to disappear from the public scene for a while.

    Now, no matter how right or wrong they are, they still get plenty of exposure on the cable chatfests. Few interviewers have the guts to point out past errors of judgement, and strong biases (like the one Morris still has against the Clintons) seldom come up. I guess its because of the blend of news and entertainment, journalism and corporate interests.

  • superdestroyer


    Care to point out a previous “pundit” who had to leave the business because they were wrong. I cannot think of any. Look at how so many people were totally wrong at the old Soviet Union but are still around pontificating about politics.

    Dick Morris is just another DC hack with another prediction. However, he is probably correct that the Democrats will win big in 2008. However, I think he is forgetting about redistricting in 2010/2012. By that time, the Democrats will probably be able to eliminate another 30 or so Republican seats in the House but some Republicans in blue states like Maine, Pa, NH will be out of office. The end result of changing demographics and chaing voting patterns is the US becoming as single party politics as Mass. is today.

    The question then will be to determine if the Democratic Party will be able to restrain themselves while knowing that they cannot be voted out of power.

  • Jason Shapiro

    Was it Gertrude Stein who said there were no second acts? How many acts has this bozo had? Given the election results of November 2006 and the irrepressible idiocy that continues to consume the White House why is it significant that someone predicts the Democratic Party will win big in 2008. Duh!

  • C Stanley

    I’m still recovering from the mental image that I got when I read the words “Dick Morris” and “pajamas” in close proximity in the title of this post 😀

    It’s well known how much he hates Hillary, so his statements are pretty predictable. As to whether or not she’d really “mess up” if she’s elected? Well, depends on what you mean by “mess up”. I assume from the context that Morris was talking about messing up politically, and I think that this could be true in that she doesn’t really have the same finesse or personality that her husband had at all. She’s already pretty unpopular among those who favor the left wing of her party and while that doesn’t matter that much as a Senator, she’ll have to deal with keeping their support if her role changes to president (not to mention, of course, that she’s highly unpopular with the GOP.) I think if she were to have a Democratically controlled Congress in her first term, it might prove impossible for her to work with all of the various factions, and I think she lacks the charisma to work across the aisle if the GOP were to take control as they did during Bill’s first term.

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