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Posted by on Jun 9, 2009 in At TMV, Politics | 3 comments

Deeds Wins Virginia Primary

State Sen. R. Creigh Deeds has won the Democratic primary for Governor in Virginia which means he will face Republican nominee Bob McDonnell in the fall election. Deeds had been considered an underdog but connected with voters through his common touch style.

Jody Wagner will be the candidate for Lt. Governor.

Traditionally the party out of control in the White House has won the race for Governor in Virginia but the recent Democratic trends could change that. Voters may also be influenced by the fact that Democrats have controlled the office for the last eight years (given the anti incumbent moods of late).

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  • elrod

    So glad Deeds won. If he rallies NOVA voters in the fall – and it looks like he will – he will beat McDonnell. I don’t see how a graduate of Pat Robertson’s law school wins Virginia these days.

  • Mike_P

    Fascinating that it was here that I finally learned who the Dem nominee for Lt. Gov. is! I’m pleased to say I voted today for the two winners.

    That said, McDonnell is a formidable candidate for the Republicans. Think George Allen, minus (so far) a “maccaca moment.” He’s attractive, well spoken, and full of sh*t. As you note, he’s a graduate of my neighbor Robertson’s Regent U., in the state where Robertson, Falwell, the Christian Coalition and “Religious Right” were born and lovingly nurtured. And he will have the overwhelming backing of a motivated Republican base – after all, they’ve lost two governorships, two US Senate seats. a number of “safe” US House seats and a Presidential over the last few election cycles. Deeds is a diamond in the rough – not charismatic, not a great debater nor TV interview. But he is a conservative Dem who is obviously appealing to voters across the commonwealth, unfailingly real on TV, and a real Virginian.

    This should be interesting.

  • superdestroyer

    This is an example of the future of politics in the U.S. About 200,000 voters choosen the next governor of Virginia more than six months before the inaugural. A stealthy liberal Democrat ran as a blue dog (he is not) and now he will get to be the governor.

    Of course, the primary include the routine number of commercials about doing something about traffic. These commercials were run four years ago and eight years ago and of course, nothing has been done about traffic.

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