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Posted by on May 16, 2017 in 2016 Presidential Election, Breaking News, International, Military, Poetry | 0 comments

Dear Mr. President, Zip It Up

I have previously expressed my deep disappointment at having elected as our nation’s leader a man with so many serious moral flaws.

Similarly, I have copiously written about the shame I feel at having as our president a man so dishonest and so unqualified to carry out those solemn responsibilities.

Today, I have no words to express the anger and desperation I feel seeing the commander in chief reveal the most sensitive information to our most dangerous enemy and, in the process, not only compromising methods and sources, putting our own national security at risk, but also betraying our allies who have trusted this man to keep his mouth zipped.

However, a good friend, a Vietnam War combat aviator and a patriot does express what I believe must be our nation’s horror much better than I ever could:

Loose Lips
Sink Ships

Dear Mister President, here’s a tip
Button your lip
Or else your childish insecurity
Could endanger our National Security

We all know you like to brag
And the American press to gag
But if anyone knows your boast that you have great sources of intelligence
It’s the Russians, who for ages have been a source of belligerence

You repeatedly dig your own grave
With the foolish and un-guarded things you say
Is it lack of competency?
Or simply insanity

You figuratively have the shortest White House staff it is said
For you consistently cut off their legs by changing your stories again and again
Now you did pick a few good Cabinet choices
So, Mister President, get out of your egoistic bubble and listen to their voices

Oh, you with the itchy tweeter finger
On self-promotion try not to linger
Engage your brain before you speak
Staff your announcements beforehand; then you’ll have fewer problems with leaks

You have established yourself in the World’s eye
As an unstable and unpredictable teller of lies
Your actions have made you a laughing stock and seen as an uneducated buffoon
Snap out of it now while there is still time, while there’s still room

You won the election, so stop campaigning and act like a President
Accept the fact that a popular vote was not lent
Do your homework, listen to your advisors and quit rambling on tweeter
Your opposition grows for real reasons; it is not because they are bitter

Now the rumor (you’ll say Fake News) is that you have a short attention span
I’ve heard that for your up-coming NATO Summit they know it and have made a plan
So, I’ll summarize this verse with words short and terse:

Dear Mister President, here’s a tip
Button your lip

Lead image credit: American World War II poster by Seymour R. Goff, also known as Ess-ar-gee

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