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Posted by on Jul 13, 2014 in Featured, Politics | 7 comments

Could a Democratic Congress ruin a Republican president’s tenure?

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Could a Democratic Congress ruin a Republican president’s tenure?

Sure, if the Republican Congress “sues” our current Democratic president. Turnabout is fair play. But the kind of childishness Republicans have been engaged in damages the country, not just a few misguided politicians.

Vox analyzes the possibility of Boehner’s suit against Obama succeeding and what the outcome could be. Some emphasis added.

The specifics of Boehner’s suit focus only on a very narrow issue: whether or not the courts will order Obama to implement the employer mandate. So let’s focus on the broader question of what will happen if the courts decide that the House does in fact have standing to sue the president. Overall, the power of the presidency would be weakened, and the power of Congress and especially the courts would be strengthened.

In recent decades, conservatives have tended to be suspicious of loosening standing requirements, and have argued instead for restraining the judicial role. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in a Supreme Court dissent last year that the consequences of loosening standing requirements could be vast. Scalia darkly imagined a system “in which Congress and the Executive can pop immediately into court, in their institutional capacity, whenever the President refuses to implement a statute he believes to be unconstitutional, and whenever he implements a law in a manner that is not to Congress’s liking.” He added, “Placing the Constitution’s entirely anticipated political arm wrestling into permanent judicial receivership does not do the system a favor.”

But overall, those who think the president has grown too powerful and unchecked in recent years would probably be happy if the courts placed a new check on executive power. A favorable ruling for Boehner would likely make life somewhat more difficult for any president in power. For instance, one could imagine a Democratic Congress suing a Republican president for improperly implementing Obamacare, or for refusing to enforce environmental laws. …Vox

And one could imagine the current flood of resentment politics created by Republicans drowning democracy in a few short years. A more courageous and mature Republican party would have targeted one — or two — of their own. The imperial presidency of Bush and Cheney was far more damaging to the system and to the American people. What they want to sue Obama for is his achievements, not his failures.

Trying to discredit Obama is just plain childish. A better choice: prolonged rest and rehab for the Republican party while the Democrats spend a decade or so rebuilding what the right has destroyed — including the stability of America’s economy, its infrastructure, and of course our self-respect.

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  • My immediate response is no, I can’t see the Democrats pulling what the Republicans have given a GOP President. The Republicans bring a partisan fervor (that has gone way over the top) that historically the Democrats don’t.

    As reviled as George W. Bush was, there were Democratic votes in Congress for each of his major initiatives (actually crucial to passage in some cases). Even as the Republicans have upped the ante considerably on partisan warfare, I would be surprised to see the Dems respond in kind.

  • JSpencer

    A better choice: prolonged rest and rehab for the Republican party

    Sure, that might help a little. I’d add shock treatments just to be sure though.

  • slamfu

    Sure they could. A Democratic Congress, even a minority one, could be just as obstructionist as the current GOP one. They just won’t. Rather, I should say, they don’t. Democratic House works with GOP President, GOP House obstructs/impeaches Dem President. We don’t have to wonder about this, we can simply review the last 4 or 5 Presidential administrations to see that that is the case.

  • Rambie

    @Ballard Burgher, I believe if you look at where those Dem votes came from you’ll see they were in conservatives districts/states. The problem with the Republicans, especially in the house, is that most of their seats are “safe” and there is no risk of backlash.

  • sheknows

    The Dems don’t have hate issues, which is why they are willing to work with the Republicans, even as horrible as GWB was, there were other unpopular presidents like LBJ both were against, yet still worked together with.
    They did that for the good of the nation. The nation has problems it must solve and bills for and against things must continue to keep the nation moving and productive.
    This obstructionism is all about hatred of Obama, as their ‘vow to make him a one term president” attested to.

    This hatred has compromised the entire country as well as our foreign relations and international image.
    It will now jeopardize the future of our political landscape. It has become precedent…and I fear will be featured in the next, and the next Democrat administrations.

  • sheknows

    “Sure, that might help a little. I’d add shock treatments just to be sure though.” Too funny JS …. lmao

  • dduck

    Wait till I dry the tears from my eyes (with a hundred dollar bill). It it is so heartening to hear that people like Harry Reid and NP would NOT impede the next baby eating Rep president. Although, old Harry is holding up a bill right now regarding excess lead (no not there!) in our environment because the NRA likes it the way it is.

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