Increasingly, politicians and political hack types think that they can somehow win votes by making comments that are just pure, plain, boorish insults at someone in another party. And what’s a better choice for a Republican when his party is under fire for not respecting women to insult Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with a sexist comment that will underscore Democrats’ narratives?

Read this quote from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) in a talk with uest host Larry O’Connor on the Dennis Miller Show.

Is he trying to discuss politics — or is he auditioning for fill in host for Rush Limbaugh?

O’CONNOR: So basically John Boehner became Nancy Pelosi without the charm?
GOHMERT: For the last two years. Well, let’s give him credit. There’s no facelift with John Boehner. He is who he is.

Truly a class act. Yep..

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • The_Ohioan

    Nancy’s tough. She can take it and cry all the way to the Speaker’s chair. And this might not be a sexist comment; have you seen Burt Reynolds lately?

  • zusa1

    Dem’s have been making snide comments about Boehner’s personal appearance for years.

  • Sorry but there’s quite a difference between saying it looks like someone sits in a tanning machine or cries and saying a woman had a face lift. Not the same thing and those who believe it is are are Republicans might want to re-think because this is why they are losing women voters in droves. This is part of the talk radio political culture in this country where being insulting and personal is somehow construed as being politically smart clever.

  • sheknows

    There really is nothing to defend here. The comment was vicious AND sexist,and typifys what is wrong with so many Republicans these days….hatefulness.
    This has become commonplace. It is becoming part of their identity as a party and a serious Republican should be ashamed of what that party has become.
    Spiteful,bullheaded,self centered and just plain mean.

    It’s not been about true conservative ideals for a VERY long time.

  • sheknows

    PS: Boehner himself made a joke about his “tanned” appearance. I doubt Nancy will be doing likewise.

  • zusa1

    Sorry, I just don’t see how either are acceptable.

    “Boehner himself made a joke about his “tanned” appearance.”
    I obviously can’t know Boehner’s mind, but I do know this can sometimes be done to diffuse the insult.

    “Addressing the seemingly constant chatter about the orangey-tan color of his skin, House Minority Leader John Boehner told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Thursday that his eye-catching complexion is one hundred percent natural.

    “I have never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product,” explained the ranking Republican. He said that his mother and four of his twelve siblings also have the sun-kissed glow.

    The explanation comes as only the latest in a string of recent instances where Boehner has found himself playing defense against questions and jokes made about the color of his skin.”

  • ShannonLeee

    There is a touch of sexism in there, but it is pretty light weight insult.

    He was just showing his ignorance. He more insulted himself with the comment.

  • dduck

    Come on folks, lighten up. Sticks and stones, etc……………..

  • sheknows

    LOL Z…a “sunkist glow?”. Well, you are right of course. We in this country have a problem with skin color anyway. Guess we need to expand that to “unexpected” ones as well. 🙂