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Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in At TMV | 7 comments

Congressman Says Pelosi Does Not Have Votes

A fairly liberal Congressman from Missouri, Emmanuel Cleaver, says that they don’t yet have the votes to pass Health Care Reform in the House. Right now it looks like they have around 200 of the 216 or 217 needed.

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  • Axel Edgren

    Yeah, the regular little sheep are standing around until they can get some nominal candy for doing their job, mediocre little fools that they are.

  • shannonlee

    Yikes, Cleaver!! Former KC mayor Cleaver?!?! He may be right, but I wouldn’t trust a word out of that man’s mouth.

  • DLS

    Pelosi has been poor all this past year. She’s on Charlie Rose (two hours!) and I’ll have to review at least one part of that appearance and learn if she’s any different and any better at all on Rose’s show, and what she has to say about the present and future state of affairs in the House and in Washington.

  • Schadenfreude_lives

    How many more nude shower encounters does Rahm need to take care of that?


  • DLS

    I’ll take Pelosi and someone else can have Emanuel, if a choice between the two must be made.

    The two of them ought to be able to get enough House votes for this thing to proceed. Many lib Dems will hold their noses but they and the voters in November already know this — it shouldn’t hurt most of them.

  • Schadenfreude_lives

    This has gotten potentially very serious. Now Pelosi and her team are talking about sending the bill on without passing it, pretending that it is passed.

    I hope this is nothing more than a trial balloon that gets popped right away.

  • DLS

    On a lighter note, I saw Pelosi on Charlie Rose tonight, not the long interview but (mercifully) a shorter segment — it turned out this part was a short segment and the second half of his show was something better.

    I was honestly not prepared for how bad Pelosi was. Sarah Palin really can appear successfully on the Charlie Rose show. Pelosi has just settled it.

    (The second part of his show featured the prime minister of Greece, with the bastard trying to talk his way out of his country’s and the EU’s current predicament.)

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