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Posted by on Sep 28, 2013 in Politics | 2 comments

CNN Poll: Republicans’ position with Hispanic voters worsens

If there has been any success in any of the statements Republican bigwigs have made to assure Hispanic voters their party is on their side, it’s not evident in a new poll. In fact, the party has a deep rooted problem now with how the fastest-growing block of voters perceive it — forget just the concept of rebranding:

After Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney lost the Latino vote by more than 40% in 2012, the Republican Party has started an effort to rebrand itself to be more attractive to the growing demographic.

But that’s not going to be easy, according to the results of a new poll released Friday, and will require the Republican Party to turn back the a belief among Latinos that the party doesn’t care about them.

Half of Hispanics identify with the Democratic Party, according to the Public Religion Research Institute poll, compared to the 15% who identify with the GOP.

But the problem is more than just party identification, says the survey. Forty-three percent of Hispanics identified that the phrase “cares about people like you” more appropriately describes the Democratic Party, while 12% say the same for the GOP.

Also an issue for the GOP: their favorability rating with Hispanic voters has dramatically declined since George W. Bush won re-election in 2004 with 44% of the Hispanic vote.

After Bush’s re-election, nearly half of Hispanics reported having a favorable view of the GOP. In nine years, that number has split in half, with 24% of Hispanics reporting in the most recent PRRI poll that they had a positive view of the GOP, while 65% said they have an unfavorable view of the party.

In the long-run, the GOP faces problems unless its voter ID laws manage to keep a huge, this growing block of voters from exercising their right to vote. And there are no signs that the party is seriously moving to both mend-fences with Hispanic voters or behave or speak in ways that reassures them.

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  • sheknows

    The Republicans are the party of the minority…their own!. They are like the country clubs to which they belong and will not allow blacks, Jew, Hispanics or anyone who isn’t a WASP to join.

    It may cost them elections, but maybe not. They have the redistricting well on the way, they have voter ID regs, they have gutting of VRA. They may have a minority of voters, but as long as they control the real power, they can succeed…for quite a time yet. It will in truth, take years before the Hispanics voting power can upend them. In the meantime, they are passing laws and getting the stage set.
    Until there is a drastic change in leadership of the party, it prefers to be the “elite” white party. AS we have seen. They don’t have to win the presidency to run or ruin this country.

  • SteveK

    no es broma? and all this time I thought the Republicans were actually winning the hearts and minds of the Hispanics… the Blacks… and the young people which are ALL so important to the attitude and direction this country takes in the future… ¬°Muy bien Estoy bromeando!

    Get used to it gang… It’s a brave new world.

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