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Posted by on Jul 20, 2017 in Cartoons, Politics, Russia | 0 comments


I am not a fan of cartoons that criticize Donald Trump just to criticize Donald Trump.

I see these things all the time and they depict Trump as ugly, vulgar, and terrible. They’re not wrong and I agree with each and every one of them. The reason I’m not keen on them is because there are more important Trump-related issues to attack. When I cover those issues I am also criticizing Trump and I’m showing you why he’s ugly, vulgar, and terrible.

I would rather cover the Muslim ban than Kellyanne Conway’s feet on a couch. I would rather cover collusion with Russia than sycophants laying their hands on Trump while praying in the Oval Office. I would rather cover his constant stream of lies than the fact the president of the United States doesn’t know how to spell “president.” I’m much more bothered by his attacks on freedom of the press than awkward dumb and embarrassing comments he makes (which is a daily occurrence).

It’s hard enough not to draw a Trump cartoon every day. I don’t want to obsess on Donald Trump. I don’t want to waste a cartoon just to say he’s stupid. We already know that.

Today, I’m making an exception. In the process of reading this cartoon where on a future Earth controlled by monkeys petrified at the thought of a government run by Donald Trump, I hope people can take it a little bit deeper than a cheap laugh (which I will also settle for).

Idiocracy has gone from a movie full of farts and kicks-in-the-balls jokes, to a warning on what our future may be, as the characters do resemble Trump voters. Planet Of The Apes is a warning also. While Idiocracy actually seems more likely as our world succumbs to the dumbing down of America and the stupid majority, Planet Of The Apes shows mankind ruining our world with our own humanity and good intentions (which Trump and his supporters don’t possess).

Idiocracy is a movie where dumbasses take over the world. Planet depicts us killing ourselves in an effort to cure diseases. Which one will we succumb to?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy said “don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Trump says “only I can fix it,” and “the American dream is dead,” and we’re a nation of “carnage.”

We are succumbing and it’s not to our humanity and good intentions. It’s to the dumbasses.

Every day of the Trump presidency brings a new normal, which starts with the fact that our president is a television reality show host. Mike Allen of Axios provides us with a short list. This is a very short list. I’m hoping we don’t succumb to a new normal where hatred, stupidity, blind-dumb loyalty, and personal vendettas is accepted as normal.

Trump is extremely unqualified for the job of President of the United States. What scares me more is the approval and fanboy love of Trump from a large portion of this nation. It’s an acceptance of stupidity, hatred, negativity, and loyalty defending a man you wouldn’t want dog sitting, less enough sitting on our nuclear codes.

Donald Trump isn’t just uniquely unqualified to be president. He’s a horrible fucking person. I don’t want us to succumb where that’s normal for the President of the United States. Quite frankly, that scares me more than a future controlled by apes.

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