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  • BrianOfAtlanta

    Surely there are more convincing environmental issues to nail Bush on than anthropogenic global warming. Even if there were a scientificly sound reason to believe that human activity was causing global warming, it was Congress who unanimously voted thumbs down on Kyoto long before Dubya came along to echo their sentiments.

  • Jim S

    Brian, real science does support the idea of AGW. What magic eight ball of science do you support that actually succeeds in contradicting the overwhelming majority of climatologists? I haven’t seen a reasonable one yet.

  • The Babaganoosh

    Rather lacking, or very lacking?

  • AustinRoth

    This is supposedly the ‘Moderate’ voice. What was moderate about that link?

    I am not talking left vs. right, conservative vs liberal, etc.

    That was a whacked-out post calling Bush the Anti-Christ, dragging out that threadbare ‘Bush is actively trying to bring on Armegeddon to appease his Fundementalist base’ tripe, wishing for ‘magic’ to eliminate the Bush Presidency, etc.

    And all this from someone who thinks of themselves as part of the set of ‘us rational folks’.

    That whole screed belongs on the DU, or other sites that support paranoid, hate-filled ramblings.

  • BrianOfAtlanta

    Jim, “real science” may support AGW, but the atmospheric temperature measurements over the last 120 years or so don’t. Given the choice between “the overwhelming majority of climatologists” and actual temperature measurements, I’ll go with the “magic eight ball” of actual temperature measurements every time.

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