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Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Bigotry, Jews, Politics | 46 comments

In Blustering Speech, Trump Hints At Anti-Semitic Themes — And Future Mayhem

It would be tempting to label as “unhinged” the speech Donald Trump delivered in West Palm Beach on Thursday-a speech in which he dog-whistled a worldwide conspiracy against him (without actually uttering the word “Jews”) and disparaged the appearance of women who have accused him of sexual assault and transgressions. But it was not unhinged. The…

  • Shannon Lee

    “This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization”

    God complex?

    At this point he isn’t trying to win the election. This script doesn’t get him new votes or change votes…it is raw meat for his choir…but to what end? I have heard people say that he is planning on starting a tv network when the election is over….is this all adverting? Solidifying his fan base? or has he just lost his s%&t?

  • The Ohioan

    There were several oddities about this speech – other than the obvious ones mentioned in this article.

    A purported video of the crowd shows several hundred people at most, many of them probably reporters, but reported as thousands by the right wing media. It was given in West Palm Beach FL, one of the most Jewish counties in FL; a strange place to launch an anti-semitic attack.

    Not an oddity, but a speech being read poorly from a teleprompter by him doesn’t have the same impact as reading the speech itself. I would encourage everyone to read the transcript.

    We need to know the author of this screed. And why he wants Trump to now portray himself as being a martyr for his fans.

    • JSpencer

      The man is stark raving mad – as is his speechwriter.

  • Joe Cochran

    It is a known fact that Hillary Clinton is in league with Space Aliens from the Milky Way that are plotting to enslave humanity and take away our God given right to grope women.
    ( Of course you realize that this is pure SNARK )

    • Bob Munck

      Space Aliens from the Milky Way

      That description would include us, at least the guys who walked on the Moon.

      • moonlitknight

        I resemble that remark.

  • JSpencer

    And people have complained about comparisons made re: similarities in Trump’s temperament with that of Adolf Hitler (and other megalomaniacs) as being unfair and over the top. So who were the people trying to caution about Hitler’s temperament during his rise to power before he turned Germany into a hating and killing machine? Were they also told they were going overboard? It’s easy to whip people into a frenzy of dangerous stupidity, and it’s the responsibility of good people to nip it in the bud when it’s recognized. History is a teacher; it’s our job to be good students.

    • SteveK

      History is a teacher; it’s our job to be good students.

      You got that right Joe, thanks. Your comment reminded me of a Harry Truman quote and in looking for it I found two that seem to fit the bill.
      “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.”
      “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”

      Both concepts / ideas seem so obvious to me that I can’t understand why so many are having so much trouble with them… But than wha’da I know.

      • SteveK

        One more paraphrased Truman quote that seems time appropriate…

        Nixon Trump is one of the few in the history of this country to run for high office talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and lying out of both sides.

  • KP

    Nobody at TMV supports or is voting for Trump and everyone seems to agree he is a pig.

    I have been out of the news loop the last few days. I am wondering if there has been anything new said about the Dem candidate or comments made by her that are mentionable.

    • KP
    • dduck

      Same old

    • The Ohioan

      There have been more emails released, but most TMVers ignore deflection from an article’s purpose; especially such an important event as this Trump speech. I expect you can go to the NYT or WAPO website for more information about both. Then you can comment about Trump’s speech and its implications here – if you care to.

      • SteveK

        Thank you The Ohioan…

      • KP

        I don’t want to listen to a Trump speech or a Hillary speech. I made that decision many many months ago. My comment was satire. I should have added (satire). I appreciate you being polite.

        especially such an important event as this Trump speech.

        Is this satire? 🙂

        BTW, I have been out of touch for a few days due to family affairs. That much is true. And the lack of drumbeat by Trump and Hillary has been wonderful!

        • The Ohioan


          No satire; not about this Trump speech. It was written by someone else and Trump read it; which means he now owns it. The implications of what the speech says are reflected in this article. It is so chilling, that I contacted Joe to make sure it is addressed here. He assured me it will be and this is the first article about it.

          I don’t listen to speeches either, but the Trump speech, which is deadly serious (and I do mean deadly) is in transcript form in the link I posted above. I would suggest you take the few minutes required to read it.

          I misread your cone of silence comment to mean “Why no Hillary info in this thread?” Since you have access to submit articles here, maybe you can find any new information about Hillary that would be pertinent and submit an article about it. Many of us are voting early, but there may be a few who are still interested. I would suggest the info should come from NYT or LAT or WAPO or other main stream media sources to make it a worthwhile read.

          Hope your family affairs were settled to your satisfaction. Family always comes first. And do let us know what you make of the Trump speech.

          • KP

            Very nice answer and much appreciated. I will search out the speech. The cone of silence thing just makes me laugh 🙂

            The family stuff is mixed, as families often are. My wife and I hosted a baby shower for my oldest who is due in mid December. I had a house full of guest (all female) for a week and many more on the day. What a blast! Two days before that event I was in Santa Barbara making end of life decisions for my mother. I am honored to be able to do both. Circle of life …

          • The Ohioan

            How often one generation ends exactly as another begins… You will have such fun with your first grandchild; sweet and sad together.

            Sorry to hear your mother is failing. Something we all face – a true universal human experience. Best wishes on your journey.

            Life is “little steps ‘n biguns” – James Herriott

          • dduck

            My kind thoughts are with you.

          • KP

            The Ohioan, I just followed your link to the speech and copied it to Word.

            It is 5000+ words!!

            But I will get through it today 🙂

          • KP

            let us know what you make of the Trump speech.

            I read all 5000+ words. The guy is unhinged.

            I knew that eighteen months go, which is why I mostly filter him.

            When he starts to excite me I pause and take a deep breath. Presidential election years can be challenging.

            We (America) will work it out.

            I’ll be gone when greater issues dominate the chatter; but Millennials have a solid handle on things and no Trump or Hillary is going to derail them. I (we) mature adults tend to underestimate the wisdom of our kids and grandkids. They may return that favor.

            My view, they are strong, they are good, they are brave.

            This is a momentous and exciting time. I am in no hurry to leave earth and am saddened to know I will miss the greatest time we have ever experienced. I know this to be true.

            I will rest well.

          • KP

            But “I am not a smawt man Jenny … “

  • clinda771

    Oh my God! As a relative of Captain Alfred Dreyfus of the Dreyfus Affair in France who was framed for treason because he was Jewish, this is so terrifying and the fact that there is anyone at all still supporting him. Well just unbelievable. It could happen again. Of that there is no doubt. Please people — THINK about what this oafish sociopath is saying! If you cannot vote for Hillary write someone in or don’t vote at all. That is a statement in and of itself. Just amazing and frightening.

    • KP

      Agree, clinda771.

      I am going to vote for the first woman president, Mrs. KP from the great state of California!

  • jdledell

    Donald Trump raises a lot of anxiety in me and my extended family. A little background, my grandfather lived in a small town in France during the 1930’s, Aix-en-Provence, just north of Marseilles. Hitler’s speeches were translated into French and rebroadcast in France. While not many people had radios in those days, my grandfather was one and since he understood German he got the original versions, unsanitized by translation.

    He thought that the French would repudiate Hilter’s prescriptions for actions but found there was a sizeable French audience for Hitler. While France and Germany were traditional enemies, many French thought Hitler’s prescriptions for “Making Germany Great Again” could be applied to France.

    Hitler’s approach was to throw off the restraints of World War I’s Versailles treaty which Jews and other foreigners tried to keep Germany from being the “Greatest Nation on Earth”. By the late 1930’s there were a sizeable portion of French who thought France’s troubles were also the result of Jews and other foreigners so that one night they burned my Grandfather’s Dry Goods store “ like a Department Store, to the ground.

    When the townspeople threatened to burn down my grandfathers house, he bundled up his extended family and used his import contacts at Marseilles ship yards to find passage to America, while he went to Israel. Even though America was not accepting Jewish refugees, the ship’s crew smuggled my relatives ashore – illegal immigrants.

    Most of you know the rest of the story of my grandfather’s days in Israel with the Irgun.
    Trump’s prescriptions have found an audience in America, just as Hitler’s ideas found an audience in France. Germany, a hated enemy, would not have had such an easy time conquering and occupying France if so many French had not agreed with Hitler’s goals. Are there parallels in America and Trump?

    • dduck


      • dduck

        “Newlyweds immediately received a $1,000 loan from the government to establish a household. We had big programs for families. All day care and education were free. High schools were taken over by the government and college tuition was subsidized. Everyone was entitled to free handouts, such as food stamps, clothing, and housing.” WHO?

        • dduck

          “Before ______, we had very good medical care. Many American doctors trained at the University of _____. After, _____ health care was socialized, free for everyone. Doctors were salaried by the government. The problem was, since it was free, the people were going to the doctors for everything. When the good doctor arrived at his office at 8 a.m., 40 people were already waiting and, at the same time, the hospitals were full. If you needed elective surgery, you had to wait a year or two for your turn. There was no money for research as it was poured into socialized medicine. Research at the medical schools literally stopped, so the best doctors left Austria and emigrated to other countries.” WHERE?

        • dduck


    • The Ohioan


      The difference is that Germany had been an authoritarian society for a long time prior to the time of Hitler, so the dynamic will be different this time. It will be more insurrectionist than nationalistic (though that will play a part), but it won’t be any less disruptive if I can use such a mild word to describe what I think is coming.

      Trump will be set aside as soon as his usefulness is over and the infighting among those who covet the power will begin. Which is why I found the martyr comments in this speech so strange; Trump is the last person to martyr himself for any one or any thing.

      • JSpencer

        I think there’s a pretty strict limit on the amount of martyrdom a raging narcissist is willing to engage in. 😉

    • JSpencer

      “Are there parallels in America and Trump?”

      Let’s just make sure we don’t have to find out.

    • clinda771

      Yes I believe all this is true. My father was in Paris and watching Hitler very closely and saw what was coming. He also predicted how fast the French Vichy government would open it’s arms to Hitler. He was in the French Army and was able to get out by working with a resistance guy he knew from his childhood in Marseilles. My dad got passage on a ship to Algiers and then made his way to Portugal with a letter for DeGaulle with invisible ink strategy and special information. Then dad found his way to New York and had huge luck in finding a director at New York City Hospital who hired him and pre-dated the hire before the memo came out from US government not to hire any more ‘foreign war refugees’.

      I see many parallels with Trump and Hitler and the psychological state of our country now and post WWI Germany. The extreme vehemence of their supporters, the huge and constant lies, the incitement to violence of supporters (Krystalnacht in America?), the refusal to look at what good has happened in our economy (it’s not perfect but for Pete’s sake, look at the improvements since Bush!), the xenophobic rantings, the ‘strong man’ sociopathic talk, the immediate wish to use nuclear bombs (Trump not Hitler only because he didn’t have the capacity at that time), well, I could go on, but you get the picture. This all makes my skin crawl and I wonder if my father is looking at this from beyond the grave what he is thinking. He always said it could happen again, no doubt about it. Always be vigilant. My uncle changed his name in case it happened again, and my father said— No I am keeping the name of Dreyfus so that I can feel and sense the horrendous change before my family and i die in the next holocaust. Oh and by the way— Trump has outlined the great ‘conspiracy’ against him specifically citing what he will do the New York Times which is owned by a Jewish family, so it looks like we are not too far from there. See article to the right— “In Blustering Speech….”

      Horrendous and shameful where we are at this point. I am moving to costa rica if by any chance the Drump is elected. Gotta brush up on my spanish for sure.

  • KP

    I live in California, where Clinton is 99.9% expected to win. That is essentially 100%.

    When I look at OH, MI, AZ, and others, I can see why some still feel they are in hand to hand combat with Trump supporters (perhaps an insensitive analogy).

    To be clear, I don’t have to vote for either simple idiot, Hillary(Bill) or Trump. It is not a binary choice in Cali. In other words, Trump and Hillary speeches are not as important to me, but I understand why they still are to others.

    I’ll keep that in mind going forward.

    • dduck

      ditto NY

    • The Ohioan

      Just to be sure; you did read the last line of this article?

      With Thursday’s speech, Trump has baldly laid out his true agenda: a post-election insurrection.

      This is not about the election, it is about what comes after.

      • KP

        I don’t believe that is what is coming after the election. What I believe is that there will be greater gridlock in Congress than Obama has faced and we will have a president that quite unpopular.

        To be clear, I don’t fear Hillary. She will be an okay president albeit ineffective due to the above points I made. I do find her and Bill amoral. I fine Trump amoral as well. As a habit I don’t support amoral people. That’s just me. I will vote up and down the ballot. I think the California info packet they send us is ninety pages so there will be no early voting for me!

        • The Ohioan

          I hope you are right. I don’t think it will be widespread, but who knows? There are a lot of Bundy types out there just hankerin’ to use their shootin’ irons. The NRA has seen to that.

          Ninety pages! You are a trooper to wade through all that and I can see why you won’t have time to read anything else. Better get crackin’. 🙂

          • KP

            I hope you are right. I don’t think it will be widespread, but who knows?

            I know, it isn’t going to happen. I urge that we avoid exciting screwballs on the left and right who are easily aroused by inflammatory language.

        • dduck

          @KP, Yup

      • SteveK

        Again The Ohioan thank you… It seems a lot of people aren’t paying attention.

        The point(s) you make need to be constantly / continually repeated and brought to their attention in hope that maybe, just maybe, what Donald Trump is trying to do will finally start sinking in.

        • dduck

          lot: names

          • KP

            don’t hold your breath

      • JSpencer

        What he is trying to stir up is unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. As I’ve said before, attempts to equate his liabilities with those of his adversary are beyond absurd, and yet it continues. It first became plain to me the electorate had lost it’s marbles in 2000 (slow learner here) but 2016 is really a romp in the wilderness.

  • Dr. Arif Ahmad

    The American media doing their due diligence are the villain and Wikileaks and Russia are the heroes is what mr. trump is implying. Is donald trump a Russian spy, a KGB implant? That would make this the best move on the espionage chessboard ever.

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