You can bet your bottom dollar that today’s “Sunday shows” will be analyzing and dissecting ad nauseam the clownish and not-so-clownish acts that have been presented during the past week at what so many are now calling the “White House Circus.”

With the unceremonious departure of the Ringmaster (sorry Mr. Trump) rumors are rampant that Mr. Bannon will start a second Big Top allegedly to supplement and support Trump’s clown alley.

The Washington Post:

Bannon also has made clear since he left Friday that he is going to use Breitbart News, the pugilistic conservative website, to try to advance his agenda from outside the White House.

However, many experts in such high wire acts expect that the competing cooch tent will only deepen the fissures already apparent in the Republican party.

Whatever happens, below is perhaps the best analysis of the clown acts at the Big Tent last week and of the “kinker,” now elevated to Ring Master. All in poem form by my good friend.

With Bannon now under the bus:
Who’s left for Trump to trust?

Trump: thy name is vanity
Perhaps the only one left to trust: is a fawning Sean Hannity
Flynn, Comey, Spicer, Priebus, “the Mooch” and Bannon have been shown the door
To keep this verse short: I’ve not mentioned the many more

He can’t even keep his much-flaunted CEO panels afloat: they have jumped ship
None of his boastful promises has he achieved: he just wanders about on an ego trip
Nor even his “own” Party’s leadership
For they themselves are leaving his sinking ship

In the animal kingdom
The desperately hungry will eat their own young
“Some Neo-Nazi’s are good people,” says he: but his own daughter is of the Jewish faith
So even she is abandoned: as he “cow-tows” to his heavily racist shrinking base

With no downward loyalty: he demands to be seen as absolute Royalty
There’s no governing logic to see: It’s just a matter of Me! Not even family!
As his support wanes: now reviling the worldwide Jewish community
With his hateful Charlottesville comments: they were totally self-initiated insanity

As his support falls: does he change and “pick up the Ball”?
No, he just doubles down on Twitter and further accelerates this fall
He clearly cannot unite even his own Party: more retreat by the day
His only uniting? The opposition’s determination to get him out of the way!

How long will his self-centered and incompetent buffoonery last?
Now seven months in: his performance is at a historical “last in the class”
Now what’s his excuse? It’s others he blames
But it’s his own selfishness, long established if one took a look: as he goes down in flames

As Trump seeks to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for adoration
He is turning the USA into a hate filled divided nation
He claimed to be real rich and smart: a real “Uniter” at the start
But we see he’s intellectually hollow and morally deficient: with no heart: just boasting bark!

Lead photo courtesy

Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist
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