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Posted by on Aug 14, 2011 in Media, Politics | 5 comments

Bachmann and Paul Make Hay in Iowa Straw

A member of Congress who voted to send the U. S. into default is Iowa’s choice for the country’s next president as Michele Bachmann narrowly wins the state’s straw poll over Ron Paul, who would take the government out of everything, with Tim Pawlenty running a distant third.

The non-binding nonsensical balloting will nonetheless be parsed for political meaning in the coming days as lesser candidates like Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and even Pawlenty have to wonder about their fund-raising and rethink their chances in next year’s primaries .


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  • Allen

    The Lunatic and the Bean Counter, both one step closer to the nuclear holocaust button. I think I’ll go pray for awhile.

  • Allen

    Ok I prayed. He said Bachman’s the new messiah and I should go vote for her. Maybe I ought to stop using that online prayer site…damn Kansas flatheads.

  • JSpencer

    I can almost understand the Ron Paul, but Bachmann? What is the matter with Iowans?

  • In a race amongst madmen, no one wins.

  • PJBFan

    Let’s remember that, except in years where an incumbent is running, the winner of the Iowa Straw Poll does not always go on to get the nomination. In 2007, it was Romney that won. In 1999, it was Dubya, in 1995, it was a tie between Bob Dole, the eventual nominee, and Phil Gramm, who never went anywhere. In 1987, it was Pat Robertson, and in 1979, it was George H.W. Bush. With Dubya, and the tie by Dole, only 2 of the 5 straw polls, or 40%, of the time, did a winner go on and become the nominee.

    Furthermore, what is most common in these cases is that the candidates bring people in to vote for them, and hence it is more a test of organization. I doubt that Mrs. Bachmann will end up with the nomination. If she does, well, I suspect that her trouncing will rival that of Mondale’s in 1984.

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