Asian Americans vote overwhelmingly for Obama (via AFP)

President Barack Obama enjoyed soaring support from Asian Americans to win another term, a survey said Wednesday, as voters elected new faces to Congress including its first Hindu lawmaker. A poll conducted for community groups found that 73 percent of Asian Americans voted for Obama on Tuesday, a…

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Maybe THIS will let the GOP know that they have a messaging problem; probably not though.

So, were Asian Americans simply voting against whitey as well like all of those Latinos and Black people that are supposedly single-issue voters (specifically on race)…? *rolls eyes*

With little to no contact or outreach from either campaign a 73 – 27 split for Obama is pretty sizable. Considering how little attention they received during the campaign, this will probably be a non-issue in the media (especially on Fox News, unless trumped up into some program about “See, they all hate us because we’re white. Why are all of you non-white people racist?”)