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Posted by on Jun 16, 2006 in At TMV | 0 comments

Around The ‘Sphere Runs Tomorrow

To those who inquired: our Around The Sphere linkfest will run tomorrow with perhaps a longer version than usual, Due to logistics, it hasn’t gotten done the past few days (for instance, TMV leaves as soon as he posts this and will not be back until later this afternoon).

We will be trying to do MORE Around The Spheres, hopefully even shorter ones every day, because we do feel it’s important to offer readers links to a variety of ideas that are presented in a compelling manner by websites of DIFFERENT viewpoints. We are contintually told that to survive weblogs must only offer ideas with which readers already agree. We respectfully disagree because differing ideas don’t cause brain cancer (you will note that cobloggers on this site don’t even agree with each other on everything).

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