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Posted by on Aug 7, 2006 in At TMV | 2 comments

Around The Sphere August 7, 2006

Our periodic linkfest offering you links from sites of VARYING opinions. Posts linked do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Moderate Voice or the co-bloggers.

The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol Is Pondering Lieberman, The Democrats And Other Matters
and Ron Beasley has some thoughts on Kristol. Kristol’s quoted comments reflect part of the problem Lieberman now faces (Democrats who vote read how beloved Lieberman increasingly is with Bush-supporting Republicans).

In Georgia, Democrats Cythnia McKinney and Hank Johnson Debated and it sounds like McKinney is toast.

Fourscore And Seven Years Ago There Weren’t Blogs And It Was The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times but LaShawn Barber has some advice for bloggers today: don’t plagiarize. (Heh.)

Gun Toting Liberal is looking for co-bloggers. It’s a high caliber blog.

Iran Is Continuing Its Nuclear Development
and David Schuler notes an aspect of it that shows you it ain’t for peaceful purposes…

And Iran Has Issued A Warninga threat about what it’ll do if the UN discusses sanctions due to its nuclear program.

Germany Wants To Woo Syria Away From Iran And Hezbollah:
The fascinating details are at Atlantic Review. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is proving to be one of Europe’s most dynamic figures (why do you think George Bush couldn’t resist giving her a back rub when he walked by her? As we said before: interational reaction to his friendly palms could have been worse. He could have given one to Tony Blair.)

Is There Yet ANOTHER Doctored Reuters Photo? You decide.

An Open Letter To The Neocons from Newshog.

The NAACP’s President Has Defended Condoleezza Rice Against Arab Attack and Booker Rising has some thoughts about it.

Israel’s Fate: So who’s winning the “war of perceptions?” Here’s one view.

The Watershed Moment In The Iraq War came during recent Congressional hearings on the war, contends Kiko’s House here.

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